Aurammerdin Void Knight Sentinel Build Guide 0.8.4


i played this Aurammerdin every updated beta version and this is my first build guide.

Lootfilter: Lootfilter Aurammerdin 0.8.4 -

Elder Gaspar Lvl 90
Rahyeh The Black Sun Empowered Lvl 100

I have some videos on youtube but from 0.7.7 → New Videos follow
Youtube: Duratas
Twitch for live play: Duratas

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Updated Fight Videos:
Last Epoch 0.8.4F Aurammerdin Void Knight Sentinel Vessel of Chaos Lvl 100 Gameplay - YouTube
Last Epoch 0.8.4F Aurammerdin Void Knight Sentinel Vile Shade of Orobyss (empowered lvl 100) - YouTube

Updated Gear → Armour Shred on Idol Option

Boss fight → Blood Shade of Orobyss Empowered Lvl 100

Video: Aurammerdin Rotation

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