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Dual Wielding ShatterStrike Spellblade 40k Crits Build


Build Overview

Pros - ShatterStrike Hits Harder than ever before. - Can freeze bosses. - Crazy Attack Speed, Melts Bosses
Cons - Mana Generation can be... well.. Clunky


  • Initially posted December 9th 2020. Viable for 0.8.0.




Mana Strike
Enchant Weapon
Flame Ward


The main affix on idols you want is increased mana, increased crit, or/and increased melee elemental damage


Below is a Tunklab Gearplanner link that has been put together from the gear shown in the build video. The mage cannot show offhand sword atm on website its stats are as follows from video:
Added Melee Crit
Critical Strike Chance
Chance to shock
Chance to apply Fraility

ShatterStrike Spellblade Gear planner Link

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Hello great build but when do you get dual ? ty

It’s a level 25 Spellblade passive node called ‘‘Gemini’’ that unlocks dual wielding. It’s a one pointer in the centre of spellblade tree

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thank you a long road to go

About the cooldown, it’s cooldown recovery, it works like mana efficiency 10/1.5 = 6,666666667

I’m loving this build. Never felt as powerful.

If you convert an elemental skill to another element, e.g. Flame Ward to Frost Ward, does it count as a fire skill or a cold skill?

I’m wearing the Invoker’s rings/amulet set that grants 80% damage if you recently cast a specific elemental set before. Flame boost cold, cold boost lightning, lightning boost flame.

Do you think replacing Enchant with Firebrand, specifically Firebrand-Incineration is viable?
P.S. I realize that makes this a different build.

Shen you choose a different element for flame ward it does change its tag and should proc the relevant element passive.

I havemt messed with firebrand much but it is a good skill so im sure it should be viable

How do you start with this? The main skills are a fair way off and require mastery. I am pretty new and not sure how to get through till then

I tried firebrand. It does work, but the extra time you spend building up stacks is better spent just mana striking and shatterstrike.

I level up with elemental nova until shatterstrike is unlocked. You can use lightning blast for single target. but elemental nova with spark charge and lightning blast with spark charge will fly you through content untill your ready for shatterstrike

Thanks for the info will get it done :slight_smile:

Just started playing the game last week … testing out all chars and as soon as I got to your spellblade tutorial it was clear it’s the first char I’m gonna max. Loving it !


Nice guide. This looks pretty fun and I plan on trying it out soon. Thanks!

New cooldown = old cooldown / (1 + CDR%), so for your Teleport it’s 10 / 1.5 = 6.7s.

Edit: Yes, this does mean that I’ve finally watched it. Though I’m not sure what “Frality” is.

Its that thing you can apply with a muh-lee hit

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So playing this right now, loving it! Love your vids on the youtubes too. Currently my highest level char! Lvl 85. Few questions.

  1. Would a Moon Dagger be a better option for the MH? It has 1% less crit chance, but does have up to 21 melee lightning damage. Since most of the damage increases are “Melee elemental damage”, would this raise the damage ceiling enough to be worth the trade-off? It’s essentially another T5 melee elemental damage enchant.

  2. What’s the best way to level this in the higher levels? (Not arena, hate arena). I’m having some survivability issues in the lvl 100 zones (haven’t killed Dragon emperor dude yet, making my way there).

  3. I don’t like to use dodge, since it’s too luck-related (and mine sucks), so I tweaked things around a bit to focus more on resists. Is this a bad idea? I have all resists overcapped (except for Void, I’m using the Orion’s Eye ammy), and have about 1300 HP, and a ton of ward gen (typically sitting between 600 and 1000 ward on avg when in combat).

Thanks, and keep up the awesome content dude!

You can try it but if I remember right most the damage is melee physical damage with 400%+ crit multi

If you have exsanguois and last steps of the livimg the extra ward mighy work better

Moon Dagger is as follows:
28-28 Melee Physical Damage
2-3% Crit Chance
14-21 Melee Lightning Damage.

Majasa Dagger is:
44 Melee Physical Damage
4% Crit Chance

I’ll play around with it, either way. Just wasn’t sure if you’d played around with it, and found that the 1% crit chance is worth the trade-off.

I’m trying to farm the booties right now. I’m always nervous about LL builds, but I want to give it a try.


New player here. Just picked it up a few days ago and I stumbled around building and discarding builds usually hitting a wall around level 40 or so.

I saw your 3 skill guide for all classes on YT and that led me here. I used that set-up to get to my spellblade spec… very smooth going. After that I just transitioned slowly to this build. It was hard to say goodbye to elemental nova. :slight_smile:

It helped that I got 2 Humming Bees to drop for me so I equipped the second one once I got Gemini. The ward generation was extra insane with those equipped.

I just finished the campaign today by face tanking Lagon. My DPS is not great yet (low crit ATM) but you build up so many wards so quickly with this build that survival is never n question. I can’t remember the last time I used a potion lol.

Thanks for the great guide!

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Does +Melee physical damage on a weapon increase the damage of Shatter strike? I 'm asking because the skill got ‘melee’ tag.