Dual wielding Aurelis not giving skill points

I’m not sure if this is a bug, technical issue or an intended nerf I’m unaware of so hopefully this is an acceptable section.

I am dual wielding 2 Aurelis unique swords, both with +2 to Multistrike and +2 to Smite.
When I equip both swords I get +4 to Multistrike but only +3 to Smite.

It doesn’t matter which sword I equip first into which position, each one individually gives +2 to Smite. As soon as I equip the 2nd sword, it only adds +1 to my Smite skill.

Hey there… This is a known issue and has been posted on the bug section of the forums before… Happens with other uniques like Hakar’s Phoenix too. Devs have confirmed its an issue via Discord (apparently something to do with how the game is rounding the stat rolls i.e. a + skill roll could be 1.1 or 1.9) although they havent been forthcoming re a fix yet…

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Great, thanks for the reply. At least I know now what the issue is.

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