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Dual Undisputed WereBear 60k+ Crits! And Full Bear Uptime! 0.8.0 Build


Build Overview

Pros - WereBear does more damage than ever before. - Stun Bosses every 3 seconds and interrupt all there big attacks. - No longer worried about mana. 100% Uptime.
Cons - Slow Movement


  • Initially posted December 9th 2020. Viable for 0.8.0.




Ice Thorn
Entangling Roots
Summon Thorn Totem
Werebear Form


The main affix on idols you want is spell damage and at least 1 % Chance on hit to summon thorn totem.


Below is a Tunklab Gearplanner link that has been put together from the gear shown in the build video. This gear is not be min-maxed correctly but should give you a basic idea on how to get started.

Undisputed Werebear Gear planner Link


Uhm for the undisputed… the recent wording means in the last 4 seconds like every other recent tag ingame. To get the 10 stacks you need 2.3 attacks per second. Are you able to reach this much AS? This was always a “no thx!” for me because the ammount of AS I need while it only counts with melee was a downer for me.

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i get the 400% absolutely no problem and thats with charge/ravage/roar all on autocast. ill post a clip in discord

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i dont play druid, but insane build, really high damage.

i know its not the case, but shred armor on hit worth on undisputed? trying to make a paladin with undisputed, i saw on another topic that you really like undisputed (your 2nd favorite weapon i think), so i got stubborn with this weapon and trying to make a good build around it.

Are you asking if shred armor on hit is worth it to team up with undisputed on paladin?

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yep, your opinion about getting armor shred on paladin, i saw you have it in your amulet.

If you’re doing hit damage then armour shred is worth it if you can get it (& don’t have to sacrifice too much to get it).

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After playing with Rogue, every other class seems slower.


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Every class is slower.


Memory of Eterra on works for directly summoned totems now =(

Yeah. Was fun while it lasted. Hopefully it comes back in some type of form

does this build still alive with 0.8D update?

Its alive same damage but thorn totems wont give mana so with this setup wont stay in werebesr form forever. Can change to dual raider axe and get 100% crit for longer transformations times

Tq good Sir @boardman21

Can u update the changes in the first page including the picture of the related skill or passive?

Appreciate your kind help. I’m following this build as my first ever character in LE.

On my next day off i can respect and change my werebear and add the optional changes below tge original build. Might be a few days

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why you dont use on swipe “avater of the wild”?

You cant double dip from it inside werebear form so it does nothing if you take it while transformed.

To explain this better, when your human you get 4% bonus damage per point of strength when your in werebear you get 4% bonus damage per point of strength and attunement by default. So taking the 4% inside the skill tree while in werebear does not give you 8%

ah good to know, looks like i read the skill wrong and i though it gets only 4% from strength and not from default something from attunement

another question, becasue of the mana gain back doesnt work anymore, wouldnt it be better to skill the thorn totem to chill effect and get so another cc effect or would it be better to get something else as the 5th skill?

how does the 100% crit can contribute to longer transformation?

If you crit while using swipe you can get the mana refunded (usually 3 instead of 2) so it can make you stay in werebear forever.