Druid PSA - How 70% DR on Transform Works

The Druid passive (for the Primalist) states: “When leaving a transformed state, you gain 70% damage reduction for 2 seconds.”

From my testing, this is what I found:

  • The damage reduction (DR) only applies when pressing the button of the transform ability to revert back to Human Form
  • It does not apply when changing from one form to another
  • It also does not apply when reverting back to Human Form by running out of rage while in a transformed state

This means that builds that try to utilize the DR by rapidly shifting in and out of forms or changing between one form and another do not benefit from this passive! You have to wait for the cooldown to finish and press the button that transforms you into Human form for the DR to work.

Here’s a video (sorry for the typo):


Thank you for doing this research, I have a quite a few builds that use and assume this is being applied at every type of transform.


It seems like this might be intended? Being able to get 100% uptime on such a big damage reduction sounds extremely strong.

That’s not what the text says, it specifies a transformed state & since the 3 different forms are different transformed states it should be applied (plus its only 2 seconds). If it said “when leaving the transformed state” then that would reasonably be taken to imply when shifting from one of the forms back to human (the only non-transformed state the Primalist has) which is how it appears to work.

So accurate. It’s almost like you are an accountant or something.

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Or a lawyer.

Seems intended, you just ‘left’ that state and now not under it anymore

its a carefully worded useless passive that wont ever work correctly anyway until snapshotting is fixed

Thx for testing and feedback, exactly today I was looking for how that works ;d
My propositions for that passive could work changing beetween 2 forms which aren’t Human (the best option is just half effect), one from these:

  • you gain 70% damage reduction for 1 second;
  • you gain 35% damage reduction for 2 seconds;
  • you gain 35% damage reduction for 1 second.

Every form other than human is a “transformed state”. Hence the only time you ever leave a transformed state is when you become human.

No, you leave “a” transformed state when you change into another form (any form).
See Llama’s answer above…


The question is: Is there only one transformed state anyway? As far as I understood this transformed state is class bound so bear, bug and spriggan are the transformations but al count as transformed state and not bear transform state, Spriggan transform state and bug transform state.
I don’t know to me all of this sounds like Human or transformed with nothing inbetween.

Again, as pointed out by Llama8: no, because it reads “A” transformed state. This clearly means there is more than one. If it read “THE” transformed, then yes, that would imply they are all one and the same.

I feel like this thread is a victim of the language barrier…


True. There are 2 fixes, really: one is to change it so it applies when changing any form, and another is to fix the tooltip. Sadly, one of those is much easier to implement and a lot less fun.

This is what I also assumed at first because I found that shifting from form to form doesn’t give the DR. However, this doesn’t explain why leaving form by running out of rage wouldn’t apply the DR, which leads me to think the whole interaction is bugged.

Also, in it’s current state this passive is practically useless (unreliable panic button at best). Even if it DID apply when running out of rage it would only benefit very specific Druid builds and I you wouldn’t be able to get 100% uptime of the DR even if you built around it with max CDRS. (You’d get 3.5-4 second CDs with only a 2s DR uptime.)

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In regards to all the speculations about how this passive should work, until we have a confirmation from a gameplay designer we simply can’t know what the intended design is. This interaction is clearly bugged (because leaving a transformed state due to running OOM is still leaving the transformed state) and pretty much useless right now. We should wait for it to be reviewed by a dev.

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Totally “irrelevant” :wink: to the main subject here, but Reaper Form is also a Transformation :face_with_monocle:

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I know but for me the whole thing makes no sense at all. Either it works for everything or it works once you enter/leave whatever transformation state available to your mastery. I don’t think the mastery was coded with different transformations in mind and fast transformation switches. Best case it’s just a bug, worst case it’s as useless as it is right now. Then again I don’t care at all because I’m the “stay in one shape” kind of guy and at the short end of the stick anyway ^^.

Hey does anyone know if this bug is still happening? Want to make a druid for 1.0 but won’t if that’s the case

I really doubt you will play around this damage reduction for just 2 seconds after leaving form. And there isn’t that much builds that jump from one form to another constantly, usually you transform when you log into game and don’t return to human form until you quit game. In all other cases 2 seconds it too low compared to transformation skills cooldown.