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Dropping items on ground and loot bug

So I have encountered a problem when trying to drop a magic item from my inventory. It kept duping, no matter the item. I have seen other post about this problem too.

Other than that, Monolith chests seem to only drop one item. Other people say the same.

output_log.txt (1.2 MB)

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And to add to this, if you craft with a duped item and it gets fractured, the original (I don’t know if it applies to all dupes, I only had one copy from discovering the bug on my own) gains all new mods from the fractured item, but remains at its original instability.

I’m also not sure if the item gets the additional mods/tiers on its own, I had put mine in the bench and that’s when I noticed it.


Thanks for the info guys, I think we’ve got an idea on what has caused this and how to fix it.

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So will there be a wipe after the fix? Since people are gonna dupe a lot

A wipe for all the offline characters?

Or a rollback. Yea I figured a wipe is too extreme XD

Just wanted to report I am also experiencing this issue:

Well you should update your game then :stuck_out_tongue: It has been fixed.