DPS Meter - revival if an idea

There was a nice suggestion on this forum in the past, but it got not that much attention.

As there are more and more people around here it would be nice to know if there’s more interest in a DPS Meter as an improvement to the training dummy.

Original thread here:

There’s not a single day I play and don’t think this would be a nice addition.


I must say i like the idea a lot. I am not a huge fan of tooltips damage and information on base damage on skills, since i believe that ARPG is all about creating, testing, tweaking and changing your build. I think the DPS meter idea, would be a much better addition to the game, than showing the actual value of the damage on spells - but i believe i am in the small minority, since i have seen a lot of people asking for tooltip dps on spells :smiley:

On top of that we need some kind of dedicated training ground with single, grouped, already damaged as well as dummys that hit back. Like in WoW for example.

I totally agree with you. A check of our defences and attacks in a training ground would be really helpful (we could imagine an adjustable level for dummys to compare with different configurations of our build).
Right now, you have to push arenas and Mof (that’s really long) to know if our build is efficient.


Genuinely curious, as I am neutral on this idea: Do we not have this already in actually doing the monolith/arena/whatever? If you lose, well, things need changed. Again, not attacking, just how I see it currently in my line of thought lol.

Not really, there are too many other variables involved in arena/monolith to get an “accurate” dps.

Good point. Lots of variables go into end game. Honestly, I feel like that’s a plus. I just don’t understand the need to practice on a dummy instead of getting out there and figuring it out in combat. The dummy cant even hit back. Are people just wanting a dps type calc? Feels like it just sort of automates parts of a build. Likely just me though. lol

Again, not attacking, just trying to understand the need for this.

I know, and it’s even worse for AoE or builds that use Devouring Orb (which won’t fire Abyssal Orbs at the dummy). People like to optimise builds & that’s difficult to do when you don’t have clear data about the options & their impact.

Hmm, interesting. Thanks for some explanation. Ive been trying to figure this out for 15+ years of arpgs. The best test is actually playing the game imo.

Anyway, thanks again for the chat.

LE is just too complex to judge the impact of gear change by just playing. When it comes to min/max it’s not precisely possible. The enemies are just different everytime you enter.

But I get your point. It would be bad when endgame would be to get the highest DPS or peak damage on a training dummy.


I would definitely like to see a number that tells me the DPS and toughness of my character in the game. Would be nice to know what effect tweaking or changing gear has on said number. Not everyone is a math whiz. Overall DPS and toughness should be calculated on the stat sheet and would then adjust as you change/tweak gear and passives.

Seems like a no brainer in an modern ARPG. People like numbers and seeing them increase is progress. Watching your characters DPS/Survival slowly increase is part of the carrot on a stick that is end game.

Idk if you are talking about meters as in WoW. I think that would be toxic for the game if so. It will create an atmosphere of elitism that the arpg community as a whole is very prone too. if trying to group outside of a preset they will dps gate people and even though I enjoy min maxing and pushing competitiveness. I believe that would make it for less build diversity and people to be able to play how they would like. Idk if my point is coming across how I would like lol.

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Personnaly, i just want a place to test my build (without waiting for my MoF/Arena limits) that allow me to see if my change was relevant (or simply if it feels good for me).

The DPS meter is one way to see it, The stats on the sheet is another, a simple specific level “wave-like” dummies is another one. There are probably other possibilities.

I don’t know about competitiveness issue (if you can’t ask min stat, you can ask min ladder etc…). In other games i played (in different styles), when they try to avoid this, players always found a (creative) way to discriminate (and build bottlenecks will follow anyway if some builds are better in a ladder ecosystem. It’s more a balance/system issue imho).

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That’s a downside I did not consider, to be honest.

But I think WoW is a little different. You can run a dps meter to measure the performance of your group mates. This suggestion is just for the test dummy/mode. Nobody else can see what dps or peak damage you are capable of. So nobody could exclude you.

Warframe also has a test mode where you can choose different enemy types you can fight. But this mode is meaningless for the meta game.

Detailed tooltips could help a lot. But tooltips don’t take any procs into account that increase your stats. So is it better to take the smite idol that increases your chance to cast smite on hit with throwing attacks and smite increases attack speed or take the increased void damage idol that increases future strike and devouring orb damage?

There are so many synergies between skills and different attributes that affect them that I can’t tell what effect the change of an item has or what skillnode to choose to have the most benefit for my build.

Last weekend I watched a stream of SkurgeOfEarth, where he tried to figure out what shattered strike skillnode would give him the most benefit for applying frostbite. At the end after calculation, respecing and beating the testdummy you could not tell what the result was.

I am also a little bit undicided on this topic. Personally I want to know exactly if the build I am creating is going into the desired direction. But I also see the flaws of this feature.

Right. It might also result in constant complaints about balancing when skill one does 200 dmg less than skill two with comparable setups. Knowing less may be better for build diversity and developer’s sanity. :laughing:

About the complaints, with or without numbers, i’m sure we’ll have a lot of them anyway. It’s just the argument that will change :smiley:

I doubt it’ll be too bad unless we have raids.

I am all for the way to test your improvements but like in Lizard_IRL’s stream last night he was testing defense and there is no way to do that other than go and get beat up by a mob. But even people can’t see what specs people are using exactly unless the share dps meter is the same way people will get stuck on this arbitrary number for specific waves of arena in group play. Maybe there would be another way to test this other than dps meter. Can’t you see your damage log and then calculate from there?

That’s true. But unless anybody can prove his/her complaints with a test-dummy-DPS-sheet-comparison-screenshot you can always answer “L2P, Noob!” :boom:

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Will hurt creative group comps imo. Aka have to run specific build specific way.

If we had a comprehensive & accurate skill dps sheet then the need for a dps meter would be reduced.

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