DPS meter idea

If possible, make a dummy that starts timer once hit
and disappear after 30 sec / 1 min, and a small windows pops up, telling you how much
dps you did in that time,

or make it appear in chat window, but add dps chat section/tab for that

i know its a lot to ask, but it would be really helpfull

or put npc near dummy, make it so that when u talk to that npc he gives you option to
" start dps test "

he will will give 5-10 seconds and after that he will spawn a dummy, dummy will stay there for 30s or 1 min, after time passes, you talk to npc and ask him to show you the results

That’s a cool idea. I would support this, take my upvote :smiley:

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Interesting idea. Maybe easier to make than the tooltip DPS :man_shrugging:t3:

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