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This is probably more a question for the support/devs.

But, how come the speed is somewhat limited to 2 mb/s? I usually run 20 mb/s +.

I do understand your servers are probably limited and have their own capacity, but as many games. Open peer-to-peer and use members downloaded files to share? That would increase both the download speed, capactiy and slots. Atleast for the launch?

One hours after … the download starting … 22 min … wait and see …

i am getting REALLY slow speeds updating via the launcher. Estimated at 2 hours currently. Hope it gets better.

Update: I’m an idiot. Just saw the steam stuff. Installing fine via steam.

Having the same issue, downloading via official launcher takes ages, my speed was around 200kbit/s … i then linked the game to steam and started downloading with steam at full speed 100mbit/s.

so it looks like EHG should change it CDN provider - its crap :wink:

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