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Download speed

I have a 200MB / sec link and the game is downloading at 1.3 MB / sec
Is it normal or is there any other way of downloading? it will last for 1.5 hours. If there is no other way, I will wait :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear this!

Could you go here and let us know the results? A screenshot with your IP address edited out could work, or you could send us an unedited screenshot using this page - or you could just manually type the other information. Whatever works for you is fine. :slight_smile:

Test made while downloading the game :slight_smile:


Unfortunately this is being caused by a known issue our service provider is experiencing. Certain regions of Europe are being automatically connected to a server which is experiencing abnormally slow speeds. I’ll contact them to try to get an update on the situation.

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same issue here - 1MB/sec download speed. (100Mbit/sec ISP connection).
2 tests:

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