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Download links on the account page gone

hello there, got the steam key blank page problem and sent an email to support. meanwhile i wanted to try if the non steam launcher was working, but i cannot find anymore the download link on my dashboard (page is blank, just like the steam key page).
any other place where i can download the installer?

I have url in my browser history, which was used for Linux launcher -

Don’t have one for windows, but seems you can fetch content from e.g. which seems matching in time of modification to the ones inside;O=D

Anyway, since right now Launcher seems unable to be downloading at any usable speed (est times like day) it may not help at all. Likely better to wait after main peak of interest is over, or steam linking is resolved (i expect that to be resolved sooner than finishing downloading almost ~18GB at 1-2Mbps max).

Thanks very much for the link, but i guess i’ll wait for the steam key as you suggested.

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