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Dot build dam too high, easily kill all the boss in seconds, Is this normal?

Through high-speed superposition in a short time, dot build like poison, which can easily do tens of millions of damage and quickly kill the boss. Look at the poor direct injury, so is it fair?
see this video,200+ lagon slained in 10 seconds,[LE最后纪元] 0.8.4 德鲁伊-毒龙卷虫德200腐化Boss战演示_哔哩哔哩bilibili
or t4 julra video,[LE最后纪元] 0.8.4 德鲁伊-千万dps毒龙卷虫德速杀T4地牢演示_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

Yes, poison is significantly more powerful than the other ailments due to it’s uncapped poison resist shred per stack. Though it’s less powerful than it was in the past (when it had 10% resist shred compared to the current 5%).

There have been many threads in the past regarding the relative strengths (or lack thereof) of the ailments & asking for a variety of changes/improvements/buffs to the other ailments. We’ll have to wait & see what happens with multiplayer though.


Poison and DoTs in general have an insane support in uniques and per se is top strong against bosses, at the cost of less speed clearing maps. The shred is further lowered by 2% against bosses, but the ability to stack and increase duration/effect a lot, makes it easily abusable with fast-hitting abilities and basically anything that can apply lots of stacks in a short time.

Looking at the gear of the guy doing the videos, seems that he/she even didn’t min-max the equip. Yeah, maybe poison is a bit over-tuned right now, but should stay as a top option for bosses anyways.

I know. I don’t know what the answer is, but something will need to change for multiplayer (since using the current scheme, if all players are using poison then they’d stack additively & the boss would die even quicker than they do at the moment).

PoE introduced a maximum negative resistance recently. Maybe we need something like this to make poison not scale indefinitely in multiple ways. If you can reach a cap for resistance shred at some point, e.g. -100, you have to adjust your gearing from more duration and attack speed towards other more sources from skills or other things.

Would make it at least way harder to scale it in the end while keeping its general idea.

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That’s actually a great idea, a slight variation would be with “softcaps”: As example: any value past -50 gets halved, past -100 gets halved again (25%), you get the idea.


And it still allows damage scaling but cancels out the crazy double dipping and exponential damage grow for poison.

Is not just double, actually you scale in 4 dimensions: attack speed or DoT application speed, dot damage, increased duration, and effectiveness, add the shred as a fifth one. It’s quite crazy.

Yeah, you can scale it in many ways but I was referring to the double dipping of the poison debuff on its own. More stacks does not only mean more ticking debuffs but also more damage from all available stacks due to more poison shred.

Yes, well, totally agree.

Last time i played ailment Shuriken blade shield it shredded bosses with high stacks, not sure if still the case.

This conversation makes me wonder if I was running into a bug with my poison Spriggan form or just missed a skill to tie it all together. My spirit thorns tooltip with the unique I had equipped showed 9000+ dps but I was struggling to take down bosses.

can confirm the dot build feels really OP im doing lich one low life and have no problems killing bosses on 300 corruption

Would be an acceptable change if they do this before release of the game.

PoE is a different matter, as changing something so fundamental late into a games cycle is a recipe for trouble.

(basically fundamental things should be kept mostly the same after release, so change it NOW or not at all)

Is this specifically just poison vs other dots, a damage too high situation?

Or poison vs every single build, damage too high situation?

Because its doing well it should be brought down to the level of other skills?

Its not even a bug, poison is working as intended. If someone min max a build, it is going to do better than expected.

For me, bleed feels perfectly on the money. Bleed flurry is very strong but not busted as heck. Ignite probably needs some work, but its not unplayable yet.

But then you have frostbite and poison.

With the release of snowdrift, even weird gaspar helmet things aside, there is a reason so many people are playing it. Getting double dipping effects from your ailment is just too strong. You stack freeze multi, which makes you freeze more, do more damage with DoT AND also freeze more from frostbites freeze debuff.

And poison is just silly. Especially since effect buffs the damage AND the debuff, so it scales out of control once you start minmaxing it with stuff like salt the wounds.

Poison should probably be nerfed a bit, frostbite is fine once gaspars gets some touchup, and they certainly need to help ignite.

Also non ailment DoTs seem perfectly fine and balanced. Maelstrom and entangling roots werebear is slow and tanky, exactly what you would expect from a DoT melee build.

They only added that in to nerf the player due to Doryanis Prototype able to get more than -200% lightning resistance

In any other scenario you generally cannot lower a mobs resistance more than about 130% and thats just a rough estimate

They are far too weak still, Maelstrom tree needs a full rework instead of slapping in a Unleash node that nobody uses because optimal is via being a Bear, the skill tree has never been touched the whole time ive played that I can remember

New player here, anyone have a build link I could follow for one of these wild poison builds I’m hearing about? Currently playing bleed and I’d like to compare. Thanks!

The Rogue is good for poison.

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