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Arborus's Poison OR Bleed Flurry Build, 300+ Corruption 10 Second Orobyss Kills, A Double Feature

YouTube Build Guide + Gameplay + Arborus Interview : Arborus's Poison AND Bleed Flurry Blade Dancer, A Double Feature and Last Epoch Builds Special - YouTube

Sadly no Build Summary this time as this is not my build, but I will post Arborus’s quick google doc setup :

Thanks to Arborus for playing Bleed for me, as I cannot due to massive amounts of lag as of the moment.

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Happy to see it’s finally done, I know it’s been in the works for a pretty good while!

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Hey there… Quick question… How do people feel about builds like this that require swapping gear based on the situation?

EHG has expressed their view on not favouring adjusting skills in this way (hence the “re-earning skill xp”) but havent mentioned anything about gear swaps…

Personally I dont like swapping gear (especially within a single instance - clearing and then changing gear for boss at the end of the map) so i was wondering how others felt on the topic…

I’m not opposed to the idea and I know it’s a standard feature of several games (Torchlight 2 for example), but I personaly would not do it. Mainly by lazyness, I guess.

I don’t like swapping but it is here just to make bosskilling a joke. You don’t have to do it. The boss fight would take longer but still be quick enough.

While I’m not overly fond of having to swap gear myself either, there’s a big difference between gear swaps (easy) & reskilling (requires levelling up the skill again).

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