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Does the corruption node affects omnis amulet drop rate?

For example lets say i got 200 corruption and lets say i do corruption node wich will give me +5 corruption or if i do corruption node wich will give me +20 does both nodes have same chance to drop omnis? and can you drop omnis from corruption node wich reduce your corruption?

Ive gotten 1 at - corruption, and ive gotten 1 at +15.

Some players suggest rounding up as many affixes as possible before fighting shade.

Some believe if you face east fighting him it drops.

Its all superstition until a dev gives a definitive answer?

huh wdym with east fighting

Not per se, though the further out in a mono Web you are the higher your chance as well as the higher your corruption the higher your chance.

As I understand things, the only way you can increase your chances of getting an Omnis is by increasing the item rarity modifier of the echo. This is, obviously, done by increasing corruption and stacking the temporary modifiers from echoes. The higher your increase, the more uniques you can drop. The more uniques you drop, the more chances for one of them to be the one you want.

Of course, I’ve been corrected around here far too many times for me to count on my own understanding, so take this with a grain of salt.

It’s not.


I honestly am trying to be helpful. Perhaps I should just hold off until I can more reliably be accurate :wink:

Yes a deeper Shade (higher corruption gain) does increase your chance of getting all rare Shade drops (Axe, Belt and Amulet).

A Shade that reduces corruption can still drop it’s rare Items, as long as you have the Corruption Threshold to even drop that Item, but the chance is significantly lower.

I just recently explained the process of maximizing your chance to get Shade specific Items in one of your other threads

I know there are some serious testing about how to farm omnis going on but until a Dev pop up to say

“Do this X, satisfy X criteria for definitely better chance at Omnis”

Im gonna hold my tongue

Or in case ive missed it, anyone has a quote of a dev saying it?

Minimum Corruption to find Omnis is 200

Found one the other day at 206+16 Orobyss kill, I took 2 pictures, image could of been modified but I dont have the skill/time to doctor an image



edit: from all the ‘hints’ the community testers seem to give I have some theories

Im pretty sure Omnis drop works like crit chance -

  • Base chance to drop at say 200 corruption is 2% and maybe 1-2% additional per 100 corruption going up .10 or .20 each 10 corruption

  • Increased Rarity is a multiplier to that drop rate so 220% rarity would be 2.2x the initial drop

  • Corruption per Orobyss kill is a multiplier to the drop rate but could again work like crit chance % or a flat multiplier…this one im not sure about only due to the sub 10 corruption but I believe the corruption per kill a final multiplier in decimal form - so 19 gives 1.9x the combined first figures however if you kill an Orobyss and get say 8 corruption that apparently means a .8 drop rate which is actually a debuff to your normal drop rate

So at 300 corruption giving Omnis say a 4% base drop and 220% rarity and 16 Shade kill would be -

4 x 2.2 x 1.6 = 14.08

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