Do you guys still believe game will be out by the end of this year?

In my opinion, no.

Like Jerle said we don’t know how much has been done behind the scenes which is true. However, given the sheer amount of missing content/features/optimisation and the testing/balancing required for a smooth launch I’d be surprised if it is in a launchable state within the next 6 months.

I think another delay is inevitable and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

I’d love to be wrong though.


In the past we got a lot teasers where whe saw rogue or warlock related things on screenshots. Internally this stuff is already in for months. We really don’t know. When they do not struggle with some technical issues, if it it pure content and polishing that has to be done, I think its doable. Look at the content of the last 2 patches. 2 more of this kind and we will be done.

I just hope that multiplayer is not that late because it may be the most intensive thing to get working. But also I dont think the guys doing the net code stuff aren’t the ones that design the new character classes.

So I am on the bright side :blush:


We son’t know what they have up their sleves BUT I’m almost certain they can’t keep up with a release this year.

It’s hard to tell really. However, game development cycles typically ramp up hard the closer to release. If EHG follows that trend we’ll see some serious work in the coming months. Here’s hoping :smiley:

To be honest. I don’t mind if it gets delayed again.

Reason! Better for them to make sure game is what they envisaged. Rather than just get it out, then try to botch it together will hotfixes and patches.


We don’t presently have an update to our current guidance of Last Epoch being due to release in the fourth quarter of the year. That said, we are not willing to compromise on the quality of the game - and so if a further delay was warranted, we would instigate one.

I hope you won’t mind, but I did want to touch briefly on this point;

The Early Access Forecast was posted at the end of July, 2019 - and so rather than being two years, it has actually been less than one. Also, the forecast doesn’t account for work done prior to it being posted - perhaps the best example of this is that it references 4 chapters labeled 5 6 through 9, which is fewer than half the chapters the game will have at launch.


Agree with the philosophy of not willing to compromise on the quality of the game to be able to release it before end of the year.
Better to release the game in first quarter of 2021 if that mean that the game will be more optimized and polished.

I believe a lot of that is due to crunch which is still an industry wide issue.

To the question, I’d also prefer another delay (if needed and financially feasible) over a product that doesn’t meet the developers vision.

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I really admire the work you guys at EHG are doing, especially the close community work and transparency.

I know stuff like this is a touchy subject, but i really do like that you guys always try to give us as the community the feeling that you guys listening and keeping track of what the community thinks/wants, while never trying to compromise the vision you have for this great project!

Keep on doing what you do. You guys (and gals) rock!

Big :heart: to all of you at EHG


Best thing I heared in a long time when it comes to a PC game. I’d rather throw another 20 bucks at the game to get something more polished then a rushed game.


Is it being released tomorrow, in 2 days, 5 weeks or 1 year even?
I don’t know!
What I do know is that I don’t want another RPG released in a terrible state…like that other one that I won’t name…
What I would like however is more communication and time set patches. Periodicity may present a healthy development.

Do you mean

  1. more communication and time set patches than the game you don’t name? Or
  2. more than EHG aktually is delivering?

If you mean the first I am like “Yeah, true!” If you mean the second I am more like "Woooot??! :flushed:

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it hardly comes out this year! but for me, it’s delivering something of quality first.

Is this like one of those recorded messages with key options? :
“For English press 1. For Spanish press 2. For Italian press 3. For German press 4”

As for the patches. I would like Last Epoch to have small, periodic increments and would be great if they were say, for instance every [x] week/s?

Really happy to hear that. Proves once again how awesome the development team is :slight_smile:

Regardless of if it will, it’s more of a question of if I want it to. At this point, with the current 6 week major patch cycle, we will receive 4 more major patches before 2020 ends. There are still so many things to add to the game based on the forecast, so I do not know how those will be packed into 4 patches. I would much rather everything promised make it into the game and that there be a patch or two focused exclusively on mechanical balance prior to release. Thus, if the game was not polished by Q4, I would not want it to fully release. I would much rather the devs take the time necessary to make this game the best it can be. I can still play it and test it in the meantime, so the timing of 1.0 matters little to me. The devs also seem to follow in this line of thought, and they want their product to deliver on all fronts before release.

That said, there are probably a lot of things that the devs have been working on throughout recent patches that could be near completion and we just don’t know about. We are also approaching the end of the main story zones, which means that patches after that may focus exclusively on the end-game content we’ve been waiting for. Therefore, it’s really hard to say from a non-dev perspective how close to finished the game is. They are the only ones who know that, and it will probably be a few more months before they have to look at what’s been done and make a decision about the release date.


“When it’s ready” as said Blizzard ^^

We could add :“But not too late, as Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2 will probably be here in 2021”

Hmm… is it so important? :slight_smile:
We already play the game and definitely can see developers’ intense work and a lot of improvements as a result.


Path of Exile is always present and while PoE2 will be big release, it is more of PoE - which is good, but not really something you should build strategy around.

And Diablo 4 in 2021? Early 2023 the soonest.

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you don’t give yourself enough credit Sarno, you guys did 5 chapters not 4 :slight_smile:

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