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Do characters get deleted after a certain patch?

I’m pretty new (around 200 hrs into the game),but left the game for a few months and i came back and there are no characters on my account. Is there an char deletion after some patches or so ?

Welcome to the forum…

There have been no character wipes - everything is LOCAL to your machine (or copied by Steam Cloud if you have that enabled)…

If you deleted the local files - like during an OS reinstall or are using a different Username (saves are in localLow which is under your specific user folders on Windows) or a different machine, then you might no longer have your savegames you used previously.

If you are using Steam Cloud and it had a problem or hasnt sync’d then that could also be what has caused the issue. If you are trying to play on different OS (Windows vs Linux), Steam Cloud keeps separate repositories for saves based on the version of the game - i.e. if you play native Linux, your saves will not show on Windows and vice versa. To check if Steam Cloud has any of your saves, you need to login to Steam via a web browser and check the remote storage section.

If something has happened to your files and you dont have a backup somewhere you made, then the savegames are gone.

Barring any of the above applying to your situation, there is also an outside chance that one or more of your savegames could have been corrupted causing problems trying to parse them to show in the character selection screen - this can be confirmed by looking in the player.log file.

For future reference… when 0.9 patch drops, you will have the opportunity to create new characters in online mode - i.e. the savegames will be stored on EHG servers… There will be no interaction between offline chars (available now) and online or multiplayer characters.