Do Attack Speed (or Global Attack Speed) affect Throwing Attack Speed?

I’ve been trying to resurrect an old Shield Throw Pally build and looking at all the old guides, they stack Attack Speed and Global Attack Speed as well as Throwing Attack Speed. Has something changed, or was this just plain wrong? Do these other buffs affect Throwing Attack Speed?

Generic attack speed such as Fanaticism in Holy Aura, swift assassin in Rogue tree, Warped time in Volatile reversal or (reduced)Avatar of Regret affect both throwing and melee attack speed(and bow attack speed as well) and always have afaik, its usually mentioned in their descriptions as well.

So what is the difference between “Global Attack Speed” (seen on Warped Time) and “Attack Speed” (seen on Fanaticism)? Thanks

They’re functionally the same thing it is just the description hasn’t been updated. Fury leap also used to have “Global Attack speed” but they are changing it in most places.

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As long as it doesn’t specify melee or bow attack speed it’ll affect melee, bow & throwing attacks.