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Divine Bolt - No Trigger

Hey everyone, thanks for your time.
I have been testing some of the Paladin mechanics and I have found that Divine Bolt does not seem to animate or trigger. This is the Paladin specific passive chain that can have +5 bolts and also heal other players. At first I thought the skill simply did not heal myself in single player upon unlocking the full chain but I have been looking through my stream vods for any proof the skill actually works. Currently I have no proof that the skill triggers at any point with any amount of passive allocations.


It seems that it does not work.

I have done about 5 hours of passive tree reworking for a few reasons. I thought first that the healing bolt 1 point passive caused the bolts to not fire since no multiplayer; disabled the node and still no bolts. I then thought the extra bolts 5 point node caused the bolts to not fire due to some accidental ^% coding reducing chance to below 1%; disabled all 5 points one at a time and still no bolts. I then disabled all other on hit effects and removed all chance to cause bleed, ignite, or poison to guarantee that my warpath damage was not modified in any way. I made a short clip of warpath damage with and without the point in Divine Bolt. The damage numbers appeared at the same frequency for the same values. Iā€™m calling the skill broken until I hear otherwise.

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Thank you kind sir

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