Display damage numbers in thousands

I find it difficult to tell if my minion is hitting for 2 123 or 21 231 damage. Making distinction between 2.1 K and 21.2 K would be easier.


Or recolor those numbers by value. Up to 1000 it will be white, more than 1000 will be yellow, more than 10 000 red and more than 100 000 golden shiny or blue, milions…

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I wish there was a recolor between direct hits and dots, with some builds even at target dummy is hard to evaluate the damage of a proc when you have so many shocks, ignites and other effects going on at the same time
Another thing i like in D4 is that crits are also different colors

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Just leave vote for this thread and it will have higher chance to get trough and you also vote for my one where was this problem mentioned too. Ultimate Thread - Biblical edition

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