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Disintegrate build help!

Hello everyone, new guy here.
Im stuck little bit and in dire need of some guidance.
Ive made disintegrate lightning build and am stuck at Lagons Trial. I just die all the time, if not
on the first phase then on the second one, with waves coming from all sides.
THIS is my build, with passives and skills. (lvl56)
If someone could look at it at tell me where did i go wrong. I think too many dmg passives are the cause.

Hey… have you looked at Boardmans Disintegrator build to get some clues as to what you may be doing wrong?

Hard to tell from your skills/passives but it seems like you have focussed on offence… What defence do you have? What are your resistances? Are you using Ward? Do you have a decent amount of HP? Any health regen/leech? Do you have any endurance?

Yes ive seen that build and seriously thinking about respeccing whole build.
Resistances are solid, especially for cold and physical on Lagon. Ward seems to be a problem, dont have much of him.
HP 600 MANA 190
Medium leech for HP on kill and dont know about endurance.

Should i respecc whole build or start over if i want to use Boardmans build?

At the Lagon stage its not neccessary to respect the whole build… You can consider that later…

Hp of 600 is pretty low without any Ward to suppliment it… and if you take a Crit from a wave, you are definitely dead unless you have 100% crit avoidance… even if you do, I think that 2 or 3 normal wave hits can potentially kill you if your health doesnt tick up to max between waves…

So… you need health… or much more ward… I would say you need at least 1000 effective HP/WARD combination (more if you can)… you must have crit avoidance to 100%… I’d sacrifice some damage somewhere or change your gear to get more hp or ward and you should be able to get past Lagon…

Ill try to get some health/ward passives and check out my gear. Idols are pretty much ok. Thanks!

Good luck… and check Tunks website for help with Damage Mitigation scales to see what works for your build…