Disconnecting all the time under a minute

Disconnecting after entering maps (exitting the camp).
So far in my gameplay (since the matchmaking has been fixed), I got to play twice for more than 5 minutes only. I got to level 9 (very fresh). That is on online play, of course. I got the game on launchdate and my total gameplay time is 5 hours now, that’s the loading times and running through the city mostly and looking at the “disconnected from server” screen.
The issue is that I disconnect from the server not even after a minute. Last time i tried to time it, it took around 50 seconds to DC.
Now, I don’t have these issues anywhere else (no other game etc). My connection is stable. I tried reinstalling, verifying, different servers, tried to look into the defender. Nothing helped. I reported it as a bug but got no affirmation message and at this point, I’d be glad to at least know that this is is something that’s being worked on since looking at the chat in game discussing monoliths is very disheartening and I can’t find nore cnocrete info anywhere.
So is it being worked on? Is it an issue with my account only?

If you’re experiencing a crashing issue, please provide the information in this support article after repairing the game.

If you need assistance with an account-related problem (or don’t want to post files here), use our support site to contact us directly.

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It’s definitely not just a “you issue”, I have the same shit. I get to play a little bit, like 15m max before I get a “lost connection to game servers” error and kicked back to character select. I’ve made a post on here before and sent a message to support but have received no confirmation that they’ll look into it from either.

I understand they’re under a lot of stress but some acknowledgement would be nice.

Using a free VPN helped me to play for a while yesterday… until even that didn’t work and vpn or not, back to DCing…

I realy like this game but are far from able to play it. I get a “You lost connection to the game server” a lot. At least every 3rd attempt I’ll get kicked from the servers. My Internet ist more than fine (Wired, 1GBit Down/500MBit Upload, No other connection issues) but this game keeps struggling.

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So a little update… after trying with and without VPN, the issue persists. I know I’m not the only one but I never see someone with such a bad case. I´ve come as far as lvl 21 in one lucky load and am back to DCing all the time. What I forgot to say is that I’m from EU, hence EU servers mostly (but issue is there even if I switch - as is the case for most people I see having this problem.
Now I play/am online a lot, be it other ARPGs or MMOs, I am online a lot with other stuff and I do have very stable and fast connection. I get no such issues anywhere else at all.
I still got no answer from the bug report I sent, no answer here from tech support. Even in the unlikely but possible case that it’s a me problem, there should be someone to help me find out what to do.

You’re not the only one. I have the same thing on my fiber-optic internet… after connecting to my phone via USB, I can play normally. I have no idea what is wrong with my fiber optic cable. Alternatively, I run ExitLag and I can play this program without any disconnection problems.

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