Difficulty proceeding with rogue ranger

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Having problems with the major boss in the level 20 area. It is pretty tough on my rogue. Can’t dodge the electrical beam it shoots out. instantly kills me for being too slow to move. Unable to proceed further because of this problem.

Yeah, it can be brutal if it hits you. The trick is to understand when it’s going to use that attack and plan your move around it. I have recently done it with a rogue and made it passed. I would recommend using Shift for the battle to help.

100% – learn the pattern to know when the attack is coming and use shift to get out of the area.

Still having difficulty getting past the Cult boss. I can only dodge once before I get nailed by the lightening blast. I must suck really bad at dodging the attack. I upgraded my armor for lightening resistance, but still I die within seconds. I am working on ranger but can’t get out of the way fast enough to get very many shots into the beast. I added the stars and explosive hits and still I am stuck at that boss. Rogue needs to be tougher to solo a boss.

If it’s the fight I’m thinking of, the enemy only has three abilities and it rotates between them in order.

Lightning aoe under your feet.
Summoning enemies to attack you.
Lighting laser.

I would recommend just recognizing what’s coming next and spamming acid flask the entire fight. You don’t even need it specialized.

One other quick suggestion, Bak:
Look through all the gear you have (esp boots and rings) for the MAXIMUM +MoveSpeed you can find and even if it doesn’t support your build, use them so that you can dodge attacks better.
In the early game focus on maximizing DPS and MoveSpeed.

Both attacks are telegraphed so you can walk out of the way (laterally around the boss from the lightning beam and anywhere from the other one). Given you encounter the boss early on, you dont need much movement speed (if any) to deal with it, and some chill chance on your gear may help (by slowimg down the casting animation giving you more time to get out of the way).

Yes, I know have tried to time them, got further with the necro because of the minions. However, am still having the same results. I believe my 61 year old arthritic hands just can’t push the combo moves off fast enough to stay out of it’s reach. Guess this is one game that I won’t be able to play. It was a nice run for a while though. Thanks for all the help guys. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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