Difficulty level

did you say 100 corruption?! I must not be very good because like 8 corruptions feels kinda hard lol.

but I do have a simple suggestion for you to give yourself more challenge while the devs figure out endgame difficulty tuning. Equip your char with normal magic items only. Or even normals. Then give it a shot.

+1 the difficulty being fine.

I think what throws everyone off is not realizing you’re still in the campaign. Campaign doesn’t end until you cleared all 3 lvl 90 monoliths and unlock 100+ corruption. There’re campaign quests throughout that whole process.

In my opinion, the issue is that the campaign should be faster, so people can get to the “hard part” sooner if they choose (you can opt-out of corruption). I seriously think that’d stop a lot of the complaints about the game being too easy.

That’s my 2 cents though. Just wanted to put in my +1 for not making the campaign harder. I’d rather get to the hard parts faster, not struggle up to them.

“Campaign doesn’t end until you cleared all 3 lvl 90 monoliths and unlock 100+ corruption.”

I did not know that :slightly_smiling_face:

I never realised that there were only rage on champion hit nodes in the various Primalist forms. That does definitely sound like a game problem rather than a build problem.

The further the Shade node is into the mono web the more corruption you get, the more times you defeat the mono quest echo boss the more corruption you get from a Shade kill (via the Gaze of Orobys mechanic).

That’s crap, just because they didn’t hit the perfect difficulty level (for what level of player skill?) on their first try doesn’t mean that difficulty is not important.

That’s objectively not correct. The campaign (currently) finishes when you kill Majasa, as I’m sure you know.

Unless you’re just trolling then fair play!

Some transformed DoT builds suffer the most, one particular build Im testing I can only rely on health and rage gain on boss or rare hit. Its more on the side of “QoL” rather than a barrier to the build, as you can always transform back, but sometimes its annoying.

Do you think that the game having some maps with rare monsters every pack of mobs and other maps with no rare monsters at all or some rare monster every 10-20 packs is the perfect design to monos / arena rounds ?

To me its very irregular and can be annoying, even when I dont care about rage, I would like Devs to balance monsters better, not only density, but as I said, more rarer types and more regular spawn rate of these kind of monsters.

Im not implying they have to change the game because of my build, I just think that resolving this kind of problem can solve other type of problems.

I guess depends on definition of Campaign. In the game, there’s a main story questline, that continues into monoliths. By the definition I’ve always went by, that’s still the campaign. The game giving you objectives that eventually end, at which point you branch-off to do the deeper farming (aka Endgame, in this case getting to 200 corruption where you can find “any item”).

I mean according to the wikipedia definition of a video game campaign, the monoliths are the “continued storyline” and would count…but I think using Wikipedia to define “campaign” is kinda trolling in itself so I’d leave that up to interpretation.

Well, the general Monolith format is meant to be LE’s “end game” content loop. So I’d divide that from the campaign. Just because there are objectives in the end game loop doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the game’s “campaign.”

By that logic, Defeating Shaper and Elder in PoE could be considered a branch of the main campaign, which wouldn’t be a bad thing tbf, but Shaper and Elder (and all the other end game bosses) exist in “Maps” which is PoE’s version of “End Game” so I’d divide it from their Campaign.

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Shaper and Elder are actually campaign by definition. They are part of the story, the lore, and the quests for them progress the story that is designed by the developers for you to play through. If that’s not campaign, then you just have a different definition of campaign. Which I mean is fine, to each their own, but that’s the textbook definition.

TO BE FAIR, I didn’t pay enough attention to the LE quests/story so idk if that’s ENTIRELY accurate in monolith’s case. I just know the quests and had fun chasing it, without considering it “endgame” until the quests are done, and I get to actually push content however I want (in LE’s case, corruption).

There’s also the EXTREMELY subjective term of “Endgame”, which is not as clear-cut as campaign for various reasons. To some, Endgame is just the tail end of the story (or quests). To others (probably most) it’s whatever system the game has that’s considered the most challenging/rewarding for you to “sink your teeth into” once you’re done w/ leveling/intro/quests/etc.

I promise I’ll stop reading these replies so I don’t waste more of anyone else’s time. None of it really matters, it’s a game, so if people are having fun they’re doing it right. If they aren’t having fun, and the playerbase isn’t largely in agreement on something, it’s probably best to explore other titles (which the genre finally has a small pool of).

I just feel it necessary to throw my hat in the ring on a suggestion I don’t agree with, as these devs ACTUALLY care what the playerbase wants, and they won’t know that without us telling them.

Having good builds that run 300 corruption vs having builds that run over 1k, 2k or 3k is crap. Most of the patches in the past were about pushing out content and fixing bugs because they choose to release a product with whack balancing and missing content. Call it crap or whatever you like but if they were activision or whomever everyone and their grandma would rip them a new one if they released a game in that state.

maybe it’s just the german in me who says “When you do something do it right!” that is nitpicking but this smells like hypocracy big time. The difficulty is a mess because there is no balance, there is no way to balance stuff around the difficulty because the difficulty is mess. It’s just an Oroboros like dilemma from my point of view and I’m not happy about it because the games balance and difficulty has no groundworks to build on and everything needs to be done after the release. Killing fun builds isn’t a good thing to do when the wide audience hits the game.

The difficulty isn’t actually the problem; the problem is the lack of content. Grinding corruption is boring, very boring. ARPGs had this same endgame 15 years ago, and that’s why they lost popularity until PoE came along and created a real endgame where you have content to play your character with its build, where it’s worth improving your build to be able to do this content or the other, adapting and changing it to be able to do different content.

To be fair, PoE’s endgame was based on that same formula for many years. Maps and delve were the first endgame systems and they’re both based on the same repetitive grind. It was only over the years that they ended up with more fun endgame options. And even then they’re still based on grinding them over and over. They just give you different ganeplay options for what you might consider fun.

Correct me if I’m wrong but mindless grind is the core principal for hack and slash games. If you dislike mindless grind there are far better game types out there thathave no mindless grind attachted to them.
The problem is we have to little variations of mindless grind. PoE is now in a good place with all the different grind options they have but after all it’s still mindless repetetive grind at some point.
LE offers Arena what is my mind the biggest braindead thing there is untill you are in high waves and play an OP build.
Monoliths are boring untill you have emp monoliths and enough corruption accumulated.
Dungeons are intresting as long as you haven’t played them multiple times and autopilot through them.
If thre were more options the existing nes would most likely be better because you can play the mode you want.
To me for example Arena is a nogo because BS gamemode in my personal oppinion. I don’t like how the dungeons are setup in LE and I’m even forced to play them because where else do I get the option to upgrade uniques into legendaries? Monolith is just mapping and mapping is… meh. Sometimes it works well and sometimes I just don’t bother with it and play something else ^^.

IIRC there are even 2 endgame game modes that don’t make it into the game at 1.0. It’s a bit of a shame.

After all LE is enough fun for me to get through the mindless grind but I will play something else sooner then later if we get only D4 like seasonal/cycle additions every few months.

So PoE has no end game? Since all the big bosses (Maiven, Eater, etc) are part of the story/lore.

This is generally what happens when there is so much content to get finished, one tends to put more of a focus on getting it complete and fixing bugs compared to balancing everything, especially if you’re then going to release more stuff later down the line that would throw that balance out of whack.

If they were that size they would have the resources to have a team dedicated to balance. Perhaps? And are all of Blizzard’s games well balanced? Are any of them?

Don’t worry, “you Germans” don’t achieve perfect balance either, especially not immediately.

Why? Are EHG criticising others for not having perfect balance?

Again, just because things are tied to their lore doesn’t mean they are part of a game’s dedicated campaign. We wouldn’t jump randomly into a different game’s universe for an end-game experience to get around the idea that “All things in Lore make a campaign.” Games have self contained stories, doesn’t mean every part of that in a game, in an ARPG especially, are parts of it’s dedicated campaign.

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We get story chapters and maybe an endgame mode where will the balancebe out of whack? If they say “Now we have all masteries with 1.0 and we dedicate the pre cycle time to balancing.” I could understand this. Saying nothing and letting things run is just a nono for me.

If they put themselfs out there and say “We sell product X!” they better make sure product X is worth it or to take bad feedback. It don’t matter if on person or 9000 persons work at the game. They descided to put themselfs out there to sell something so they better make sure what they sell works in every regard.

Nah but look at the image they build up. EHG isn’t blaming anyone but there is so much stuff missing that should be there to have a release ready game for XYZ ammount of money. LE is given far to much slag in in many cases at least from my point of view.

But would you expect the same level of polish in the same timeframe from a 1 person team as a 9,000 person team? 'Cause that’s what it sounds like. I agree with the principle, but smaller teams trying to do bigger things take longer

Fair enough, but that’s a subjective viewpoint & definitely not hypocrisy.

We actually saw this many times in PoE. If you introduce a new mechanic, it usually comes with new rewards. And those rewards mess up the balance. Which is why PoE has such a huge power creep at this point and why some classes/builds are just better than others for each league.

What is pre cycle time? The week between one cycle ending and the other starting?
Once 1.0 cycle starts, they will be fast tuning everything and fixing all the bugs they can. Once that is done, it’s time to start working on 1.1.

I’d say it’s much more reasonable that they will simply start fine tuning the poor classes that got the shaft over time one at a time, maybe even just 1 or 2 per cycle, until they’re sort of balanced.

Of course, by then new stuff will come out, so the balance will be screwed again, and the process starts over. Because no ARPG ever managed class balance.

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Yeah, now (pre-1.0) is the “pre-cycle” time for 1.0…

Nah they can develop as long as the want (unfortunatly as long as they can because money is a thing to keep in mind as well) untill they release their game. After the release it’s simply a released game/product that should be viewed as such.
Maybe a small (not game related) example: There is a micro brewery arround the corner and they sell stuff they call beer. In a taste testing event I told them they could drink their so called beer alone and I stick to water. The owner of said brewery came over and we had a 2h conversation about beer and what they aimed to achive and what machinery they used and whatnot. At the end it was bad beer and I don’t sugarcoate them because they are only 3 people in there. If they want to make good beer they need to try harder.

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We can sit believing that Last Epoch’s endgame is wonderful, but that won’t improve the game. A path was paved over the last 10 years, and it’s no longer acceptable for an ARPG to be released to the market without that endgame. Fifteen years ago, ARPGs were dead for that reason