Difficulty level

I have 220 hours in LE and what worries me in LE is the low level of difficulty in combat apart from single bosses. Supposedly, it’s more difficult on Warp +100, but I don’t know what it looks like because I haven’t chosen a character yet because I’m testing many builds, which gives me a lot of pleasure. Cleaning these maps in Monolith is not difficult for me at all. Character building and crafting are much better than in D4. For me, the biggest problem is the level of difficulty. It’s simply too easy and even if it’s harder at +100 corruption, I think it’s too late. The challenge should have come much earlier. Can anyone who regularly plays at higher warp level comment on this?


LE is definitely on the easier side of things regarding difficulty.

And yes higher corruption levels will bring a lot of difficulty. The upcoming 1.0 patch even addresses some of the scaling curve. This will not really help with your concerns here, because still difficulty kicks in relatively late.

A lot of people agree with that, but there are easily as many people who like that as well.
Especially because one of the biggest strengths of LE is the build diversity and character building. This great outstanding trait get heavily supported by how easy the game is, simply because you can virtually build everything you want and can make it work decently.

While I personally also think that LE could be a little bit harder I think this would be detrement to one of the strongest thigns about LE.

And I am not a fan of difficulty sliders or variable difficulty, as the balancing and development time could be spent on better systems IMO.

But overall the campaign has received a lot of overhauls and updates over the years, some of which made certain parts of the campaign a little bit harder.
Once the campaign is completely finished I can definitely see EHG giving the entire campaign a balance pass.

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I agree that a low difficulty level is sometimes good. I think the campaign is a good place for this, but the Monolith should be a much bigger challenge. By default, it should be more difficult and there should be a faster possibility of increasing the level of corruption, e.g. by getting a larger amount of corruption for killing the Shadow or not resetting the Echo after killing the Shadow because you have to do everything from scratch and the amount of corruption received is too small to feel any difficulty.

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The game has plenty of challenge available. The trick is that you have to actually do the challenging content.

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And survive the mind-numbing drudgery of getting your corruption up that high. Though TBF, it might help if I just ran through the monos at light speed.

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Mike has said on one of his weekly streams that a reason for mob density being so low in many places is simply server performance and that it’s something they’d like to increase over time.

I disagree.

Even if you want you can’t push monolith to very high difficulties on normal monolith.

I would love to have something like 50 corruption normal monolith enabled account wide(within the game mode) after you cleared a timeline.

This way consecutive character scould at least have some more challenging start.
We have to see how the corruption/echo modifier balance pass in 1.0 would affect this.

But right now normal monolith always feels like a difficulty hole, all of the suddden coming from campaign chapter 7, 8 or 9 normal monolith is just a walk in the park. Way more exp/min while content being much saver.

And then going from lvl 90 normal monolith to lvl 100 100 corruption empowered monolith is a huuuge difficulty spike.

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While mob density does help with feeling powerful, in most cases it actually does not really increase the difficulty though, as long as big mobs with deadly telegraphed attacks are not multiplied.

Well, if you have higher density then there’s also the chance that you’ll get more rares and, more importantly, multiple rares in the same pack, which could increase the difficulty by itself.

Well that is the thing, how the devs would implement this increased mob density would affect this. And having multipel rares mobs in one pack is not what I would want from mob density.

I feel like mob density would be best to have a lot more normal mobs, just so the areas feel mroe populated.

Having multiple Siege Golems would just clutter the screen too much and make gamepaly too much of a telegraph ballet

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That is a fair point, but that is how D3, for example, handled difficulty. The hardest part of higher GRs was getting multiple rares together if your build wasn’t tanky/dodgy enough.

Personally, I like the density how it is, it feels like D3. I just wish mobs didn’t “forget” about you after a certain range and you could kite them all over the map, if you wished.

This is not how you would scale difficulty in LE, because it would overlaod the screen with telegraphs and deadly attacks, when certain type of mobs spawn in multiples.

No offense, but D3 sucks with mob design. There is nothing interesting about mobs and only ver little for most rift bosses. Rares are just bloated big yellow glowing versions of regular mobs that act as sponges that have some predefinited extra mechanis on them that are not evne relevant to the mob type.

It was like this in LE and they removed it, because people pulled together a large portion of the map and then nuekd everything. That results in bad metas that only reward certain builds.

I think with a little bit more regular mob density the regular flow of combat would imrpove alot already in LE. And you can still pull multiple groups together in LE.

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No arguments there from me. I was just pointing out an example where mob density led to higher difficulty. Even if it’s something I don’t want to see in LE.

Yeah, I can see that happening. It’s not a big deal for me.

Yeah, I already do this on my retaliation build. It would just be nicer to be able to pull more because it’s a really slow build :joy:

Personally I’d welcome more and more challenging mobs per pack. Maybe not every pack, but I wouldn’t e opposed to a couple of rares in a pack every once in a while to spice it up.

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Playing a lot as druid and relying on rage, thats something I have a huge experience. Some maps it’s totally ok, we have rare mobs almost every pack.
But in other maps, there isn’t a single one rare monster let’s say in 10 packs. The rage sustain is very unstable, mostly because of the game faults& irregular design rather than the build faults.

I don’t know the technicals details and how they would block EHG from doing this, but would be nice not only more rares spawning, but more rare types.

Also some strong monsters that are not rare could be designed as rares, it’s odd sometimes to fight some stronger mob type and it’s treated as a “white” mob.
Or the blue ones could get a stronger version and sometimes spawn as rares ones.

This may be a problem too… In Diablo 2, this is already better addressed. Especially on the second and third difficulty levels. Maybe the lack of immune to a certain type of damage is the problem. Or mob resistances are too low…

Agree, monolith have more difficult but push corruption its the most boring content from the game by far.

Were on 2024 we need 2024 content, stay with end game basic content from 10 years ago isnt the way.

The ammount of content you need to play and replay to get to a point when the game becomes harder and fun (aka endgame) is just to much from my point of view. Campaign is a nobrainer, normal monoliths are just “Run from a-b as fast as possible” and then you have to replay the same monolith in an empowered version to get corruption to make the farmrun on corruption XYZ a thing. It’s just to much and feels like a stair where you have to take every 3rd step 3 times until you can move up the stairs. It’s a bit of a silly design and i don’t feel encoureged to create more then 1-2 toons each season as long as the system stays as bad as it is.

Again that’s just my point of view and i would handle thing differently then EHG. That’s just my oppinion nothing to get worked up about :smiley: .

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I also have the feeling that reaching the challenge in LE takes too long. An easy game should be played in half or a little more of the campaign time. The end game should be a challenge, not an easy gameplay.

After defeating The Shade of Orobyss, Echo also resets and we receive a few corruption points. Maybe this should also be changed to a higher value and Echo should not be reset after defeating The Shade of Orobyss?

That’s an ongoing discussion with may topics on this board. Right now we need to wait for 1.0 to see if things changed or not. I think it will take a very long time to get hte game in a sweetspot because right now the balancing is all over the place and there are far to many builds that outperform almost all other builds. It’s a shame balance was of such little importance to EHG.