Difficulties running game via Steam

I am not able to log in. Now I have scoured the forums here and the one thing I can guarantee has been resolved now is the SSL issue I think my first post on the account was referencing.

After digging thru the Player.log, I am not sure if the missing file spam is spam or useful. And if the latter, what do I do to get those files in there?

And for the sadistic, here is a file list of everything in the game directory: Files

Also, I have tried both a straight up normal install, and with the new Steam Linux Runtime (part of the proton thing, basically the new Steam Runtime). Nada. Also revalidated the game files and it didn’t say it had to change anything. The only “addition” I made was a symlink of Mono to MonoBleedingEdge (or whateverits called) in a vain attempt to mitigate the error messages.

TIA, and I do want to actually get a chance to play this game :smiley:

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