Died in hardcore league while spawning into a new area without any enemies

I was in lightless arbor dungeon, went through a door that triggered a loading screen, then when it finished loading it said I had been killed by something random, except I was full HP and there was nothing anywhere. Clearly a bug. Is there a way I can get back my HC character (he was high level and I had spent 20 hours on that character)?

Found this:

I died to the same thing. Please, can I have my character back as it’s an obvious bug?

And here as well:

I am very frustrated. I understand it’s beta but to have so much progress lost for no fault of my own is devastating.

Could I get a response from a dev?

Uploading your log file as the Bug Report template for each post you write here asks for will help:

Log File

I restarted my game multiple times to see if I was reverted back to HC, and as the log file guide says “Log files are only kept for two game sessions. In order for them to contain useful troubleshooting data, please retrieve them before opening the game client again.”, it wouldn’t work.

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I still haven’t been reverted back to HC league.

Guess I’ll just buy diablo4 then, hopefully that won’t have game breaking bugs that delete 20 hours of gameplay…

You are aware that this is a beta and bugs are expected? They want the logs and reports so they can fix them before full release. They tell you this on the right of the screen every time you open it before you login as well as at the top of the Steam page before you buy it.

Of course I know. But to have game breaking bugs like THIS, and then release a cash shop is in such poor taste.

Did you check to see if the bug had been reported en masse before assuming they knew about it, did nothing, and went to work on making money? :unamused:

Bump. Still in standard.


This is an issue that has been happening for a long time. It happened to me today again: Twitch (prolly the 20th+ time it has happened)

That’s horrible. I’m gonna uninstall and wait for a finished game…

Never happened to me but every once in a while it happens to my friends when playing together. Always after the 1st door. (that takes you to the area where you have to light a fire)