Devouring Orb with Warpath

Just curious if anyone knows if DO is working as intended with Warpath? Currently, if you are using Warpath you can’t activate DO unless you stop and then hit DO and then start Warpath again. It’s not a huge deal or anything but creates an annoying, halting type of gameplay which seems at odds with how Warpath works.

I assume this is either bugged or works this way as some sort of limiting factor for DO but I can’t see why you would limit DO in this way. Anyone know?

DO is no Instant cast, hence you can’t use it while channeling (warpath is channeling).

I think DO could use a instant cast node.

But i also kinda would like to get rid of “buff devouring orb”, because it heavily favours autocasting.

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Ok, I didn’t even realize it wasn’t instant cast. I guess that makes sense now. Still doesn’t change the fact that these two skills are kind of clunky together. I think an instant cast node would be a good option. Considering I rely on channeling to stay alive through leech it’s not great to have to stop constantly to re-apply DO. I’m very squishy when I do that.

Not sure what you mean by “buff devouring orb” favoring autocasting? I’m sort of a noob to LE so maybe that is just a reference over my head.

Devouring Orb is one skill among many others, that you can either use as a self-buff skill (resistances, global damage, movement speed etc.) or as a “main dmg skill”.

Both ways you want to just keep using it either on cooldown or in relatively frequent intervals, without any decision making.

This does favour autocasting very much and i am not fond of that playstyle at all.

I want all my 5 skills to matter so much that choosing the right timne to cast them should be a player decision.

Everything that has 100% uptime as an “active skill” is not really engaging gameplay.

If you using devouring orb as a main dmg skill it’s less of an issue, but still i don’t like the skill that way.
But the buff/utility thing should not be a thing.

I think EHG wants to change alot of the skills that behave that way in a way, that autocasting them will not be as benefical as using them at the right time as a situational skill.

Similar to what they did to flame ward, where it has a big initial benefit and just a minor benefit over a longer period of time.

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And which build should that be exactly? Do you know even a handful? (good ones without use of “autoskill” or “macro” :smile:)

I already understand the philisophy behind these statements, and respect EHG’s efforts regarding this.

Nevertheless, I would like to break a lance for all so-called “lazy gamers” and openly admit:
→ “Now and then I like to play with a maximum of 2 keys (left and right mouse button)! Honestly, I do NOT want to trigger all my abilities individually and situationally WITH EVERY possible build. - Of course, this is fun here and there and now and then, but by no means always!” (constantly pressing lots of buttons)

In my humble opinion, it makes the most sense if there are such and such abilities.

Kind regards

Ok. I get you now. That makes sense and I agree more or less. I am primarily using Warpath so I’m only using DO as a buff which means I don’t want to fiddle with it or have it actually interfere with Warpath. I have no problem with them tailoring the skill to be more powerful the more you use it in an active vs. passive way. The obvious solution is to add a zero cast time node or “always active” option or something that also diminishes the power of the spell somewhat.

Pretty much every of my character i play.
I actively avoid stuff like DO and Sigils for example, even though it’s objectively stronger.

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I agree with this. Doesn’t it also depend on the build/skills you plan to use? I mean if I’m making a build centered around Warpath it doesn’t make much sense to have a bunch of other abilities that I have to cast which will interrupt a channeling ability that I’m investing heavily into for the purpose of keeping it going longer.

Why do you want every build to play the same? Let the game have different builds of varying levels of engagement. Some people like simpler builds where they dont have to actively think when to cast every one of their skills.


The problem is that “autocasting” is not an intended gameplay style. This is using a windows/keyboard mechanic that is not ingame.

So there are some people that will not be able to use this because they don’t have a numlock on their keyboard. Often people ask if the use of programs like autohotkey is allowed then - which is not.

So besides the question if the playstyle is fun or not - which is subjective - there needs to be a solution that not disadvantages players because they lack a certain hardware.

I absolutely agree on DO being a bit tedious to use with Warpath. On a Warpath crit build I’m using Lunge a lot for the crit buff and Vengeance for mana reg. With this playstyle I need to interrupt WP anyways for using Lunge. With DO on autocast DO is instantly casted after Lunging and inbetween the Vengeance use phase.

This is less tedious, but still it doesn’t work together very well.

Also for my taste the autocast on DO feels horrible on bossfights. Because it sometimes locks you in the DO cast animation when you have to move out of a telegraphed attack.

A instant cast node I’d highly appreciate. I’d also sacrifice a bit of efficiency so maybe integrate it with a -30% damage and buff penalty for all DO effects or cost more mana. This way people could choose to play the QoL variant but with a little drawback. Others might favour a more “skillful” or manually play without that QoL but with a better performing skill.

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Since I don’t have an ultra-wide monitor, can we lock the resolution of the game to one of the “normal” widescreen resolutions? I’m being disadvantaged by those who have ultra-wide monitors 'cause they can see way more of the zone that I can & can therefore react sooner & kill mobs before they would even be on my screen.

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This would be fair, but… let me think about it… no!


Ok, so you can continue with the pain of your build then.

In addition, mouse and keyboard should be banned in order not to disadvantage players with gamepad. Maximum FPS should then be set to 20 or 30 and the ping rates should be set to 130 as a precaution FOR ALL.
…and so on…

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Only a ping of 130? What about those that have shudder satelite internet? Or those that are using RFC 1149? In order to not disadvantage them, the ping should be set to about 1 week. Maybe 2 to be on the safe side.

I just tried to show some playable values, it’s clear that it can be even worse. Hihi.

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I’m British, I can always make things worse.

To be clear: I’m aware that it is impossible to make things equal for everybody taking hardware into account.

But it would be a bad design to optimise skills to be being autocast more efficiently, when the opportunity to autocast is dependant on a certain hardware.

I’m also not demanding to increase the range of my attacks to match the aspect ratio of my screen.

There is free macro software out there, you don’t need a num-block.

EDIT. (It’s clear, now you say we should not use something like this to have fun.)

But the use of software that automates gameplay is against ToS