Dev Q&A - We've sprung a leak!

Thanks a lot, I love this collection! I try to follow most of it myself, but having it all in one place is fantastic!

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Did I say that on stream?

Nah, it was only an assumption, but since then I’ve read what you wrote on Reddit about these leaks that, in combination with your reply here, is really making me question it. :sweat_smile:

Now I just don’t know how to categorize it. Any hints Mike? :wink:

Nah, I’d like to let speculation run wild on this one. It’s a good one.


Updated with the three most recent Dev Q&A leaks shown during the November 4, 2022 dev stream. These include: a Unique item, combat feel clip, and updated Reaper Form model. Also, the previously leaked VFX & SFX update for Judgement as well as the animation update for the Mage’s Fireball effect were posted on social media so they’ve been added here as well.

In addition, I did some reorganizing of one-off items into a Miscellaneous sub-section within the Dev Q&A Leaks section (renaming the prior version to Non-Visual) to help clean it up a bit. The weapon render I had incorrectly labeled as a Unique item now resides within this section.

Lastly, I’ve begun posting timestamps for both the leaks and questions asked during these developer streams in the comments of these videos once they’ve been uploaded to YouTube.


Hey Andrew,
Can you help me find that render? The clip you linked provides some combat action, but I cannot really see a new Reaper Form model. Looks like the old one in the clip.

Edit: Nevermind, I found it. But I’m relatively sure that the combat clip is not showing the new 3d model in action.

Before showing the 3D model Mike says “You saw a little bit of this earlier in the stream, but here’s a full view of it.”

It’s hard to tell because of the video quality but it looks like reaper form cut the carbs for a bit.

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Yeah, you might be right. The stream quality is pretty low and it’s a dark model on a dark background which makes it challenging to tell conclusively and, as @Iceberg points out, Mike did mention that we saw it earlier in the stream but he may have only been hinting at the fact that we saw Reaper Form in general – not necessarily this new version of it. So, as I can’t be certain of it, I’ll change that part of the description.

Also, I place a NEW label in front of all recently added leaks to better distinguish them for that week. So, if you’re only curious about the new stuff then just look for that label when browsing the Dev Q&A Leaks section.


Just wanted to quickly confirm - the combat clip contains the currently live reaper model.


The first impression is just that it looked too familiar. And when I zoomed in I saw that the shoulder pads don’t have any edges, when the 3d render shows very distinct edges.

Updated with the two most recent Dev Q&A leaks shown during the November 11, 2022 dev stream. These include: a new or updated enemy* and combat feel clip showcasing the Hammer Throw skill.

Steve’s been busy on Social Media as well, adding a new Imperial Era enemy and that same Hammer Throw clip shown during the dev stream.

Lastly, for a bit of fun, Mike channels his inner NSYNC at this moment of the stream. Though, it’s probably just as bad that this was the first thing I thought of when he did it. :joy:

*Note: I assume it’s a new/updated enemy model, but I can’t say for certain.


Updated with the three most recent Dev Q&A Leaks shown during the November 18, 2022 dev stream. These include: new concept art for a Rogue armour set, and VFX updates for both the Shatter Strike and Rive skills. Unfortunately, video playback of the Rive update wasn’t working correctly, however you can still see the same video in the Social Media Leaks section.

In addition, Mike mentioned a couple things I found interesting: increased cooldown recovery speed changes for movement abilities and a Fury Leap update – both are listed in the Non-Visual sub-section. Not listed there, but something I’ll add here, is Mike cryptically discussing some future news about the stream. My guess is a future multiplayer dev stream, but we’ll see.

The Social Media Leaks section saw three new additions: concept art for two new enemies (with the latter being part of a LE game giveaway for helping name the monster – congrats to those that won) and a VFX update of the Rive skill.

Lastly, I forgot to mention it last week but I’m still adding Leak/Q&A timestamps in the comments of recently added dev streams once they’ve been uploaded to YouTube. The two most recent streams being:


Nah, it’s clearly going to be him & the other devs showing their new racing sim which is what they’ve pivoted LE to (which is why 0.9 has taken so much time).


Finally, I’ve been waiting for a meta build around “damage increased for every X% movement speed” and this is it!!

Haha, that’d be pretty sweet. On the topic of future news, Judd recently posted this on Reddit:

Looking forward to both pieces of upcoming news. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: Judd’s follow-up post on November 25, 2022:


I’m excited and scared simultaneously.

Hopefully Mike is just teasing another hot sauce stream where during his millions of scoville unit delirium he reveals patch day, much to Judd’s dismay.


I just bottled my hot sauces this year too. Did an orange one as an experiment. Actually really good.


can’t wait for it. But how about the exp dungeon :innocent:

Given that it is Thanksgiving week in the States, I assume EHG is closed down Thursday if not Friday as well. So we may see news sooner than later then?!? But that may be why it was noted as hopefully in Judd’s reddit post.

But also not everyone is in the States so maybe part of EHG is working.

I believe that, if not most employees then a significant minority, are outside the US.