Desync in monos (probable culprit - arcane ascendance+acuity)

UPDATE: someone else has made a post with similar issues and the culprit seems to be being speced into arcane ascendance with acuity and having it in your hotbar, if you remove it from the hotbar the issues seem to go away

I load into the echo and can run around but when I cast a spell the character model does the animation but the spell effect happens after a random amount of time (a few seconds to a full minute sometimes)
but the spell damage works as normal
half the enemies are invisible, I can tell because I am taking damage
I can attack them and kill them (both invis and visible enemies)
the hp bar of the invis enemies works fine
also, item pickups are delayed, just like the skills

when the spell finally does its animation I seem to get ported back to where I was when I cast it

if I spam all my spells at the beginning of a mono and wait till they all play out instantly after some time it seems to fix it, but sometimes about halfway through a mono the desync thing will come back, in arena monos it almost always comes back halfway through

this happens like in 80% of my echoes
a restart of the game or re-log makes the first 1-2 echoes work fine, then the bug is back again
the bug is also present in lightless arbor dungeon (i haven’t tried any others)

the bug first appeared in monos and grew more common over time, it was fine for the most part, just a longer loading screen while i spam all my spells, but it’s becoming more and more unplayable

drivers are updated, verified integrity of game too

the videos are as follows:
I logged in, played 1 echo, it was normal, then the next echo was the short video, and the 3rd echo was the long video

PS: while recording I noticed that the chat had died too and that there seemed to be a connection issue, I hadn’t noticed that before, so I’m not sure if those are always present or not

le_graphicsmanager.ini (478 Bytes)
Player.log (124.0 KB)
vid 1 - Desktop 2023 03 13 19 27 18 01 - YouTube
vid 2 - Desktop 2023 03 13 19 30 14 02 - YouTube

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Interesting. I will try taking it off my hot bar. I have failed multiple echos now simply because I can’t see what is hitting me. I hope this works because Monoliths are fun until you get 99% done and lose the reward to a frigging invisible rat.