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Demo runs poorly on my PC

Hello everyone,

i am trying to run the demo on my pc and it should be more than capable to run on ultra settings. Still it even runs with low fps on only high settings :confused:

I have a nvidia gtx 1080, adm ryzen 1600 cpu and 16 GB RAM. Also I use windows 10 with the latest updates. Can anyone help me? I’d love to play the game fluently!

Hi there,

I’m very sorry about this. We’ve recently been implementing several graphical updates and we’re aware that we do need to work on performance. It’d help the team a lot if you let us know about any areas / circumstances in which performance are particularly bad, as that helps us prioritise various optimisations.

Hi Sarno, thank you for the quick response! It is basically everywhere outside of town… when there’s lots of plants and nature. I know this doesn’t help much probably :confused:


EDIT: I just figured out that it runs much better windowed at 1920x1200. Normally I’d run it fullscreen at 2540x1440, so I dunno if it’s because of the resolution or the fullscreen/window mode


EDIT 2: I noticed that alt-tabbing in and out of the game helps with the fps, it’s well playable now!