Demo Performance Issues



Seeing low FPS as soon as a character loads into the game. I’ve tried playing with resolution and the graphics options, but even on the low setting, the issue persists. When clicking to move/attack, the command takes a solid 2-4 seconds before it is executed.

This is fresh install of Windows 10 with all updates applied and almost nothing else installed on the computer. All background applications have been disabled, and Windows Defender has been turned off as well. Some of the hardware is a bit old and will likely be replaced soon, but all system monitoring shows that it isn’t being overtaxed. CPU utilization is sub 10%.

I do have two monitors attached. I tried disconnecting one of them, but that didn’t seem to help any.

Any help in troubleshooting would be appreciated, as I’d like to give the game a try.

Just to add to that, and not spam the forums with another thread…

All builds have ran perfectly on my system up until now, where there latest version 25/04 stutters badly and has extremely low FPS for me, even on a 12K USD gaming machine.

In other words, I think something went wrong in the latest updates guys :slight_smile: