Deleted characters returned, and new character missing

Account name = Broseidon07
Missing character name = BreastNipples (i think) (Softcore)
Game installed and played via steam

So a day or two ago I decided to fire up LE again after the patch. I had some characters from old builds that I wasn’t interested in, so I went to delete them. I could delete all but one. For some reason it wouldn’t let me delete the last one. Well whatever. So I made a new guy anyway. Played for hours and hours and got to level 22 or 23 I think? Something like that because I was able to put a few points into forgeguard.

I even made it a point when I left yesterday to go back to town before logging out.

Today my sentinel is completely missing, and the characters I deleted are back.

None of the unique items I put in my stash while playing my now-deleted sentinel are there. It’s almost as if my game completely got rolled back and I didn’t play at all.

Nothing will kill user experience more than this, so I hope this is top priority. I understand if my character cannot be trestored but I don’t think I will keep playing LE until I can be sure this wont happen again.

I’ll keep an eye on this post.


Hi there,

Sorry to hear about this!

If you haven’t opened the game client again since first discovering some characters missing and others restored from deletion, could you please attach a log file to a forum post?

At the game’s current stage of development characters are stored locally. Can I ask if you have recently used a Windows restore point, Timeshift on Linux, Time Machine on macOS, or other equivalent software to revert your system to an earlier time?

Did either the game client or your computer close down unusually, for example, due to a power outage? Can I please ask which security software is running on your computer, and whether you have added the game as an ‘exception’, ‘exclusion’, or ‘trusted application’? We have a guide on how to do that here, and while it isn’t usually necessary, it could potentially help with this.


Unfortunately I have launched the game many times since I discovered the missing character.

I have no security software except for default windows defender. I have not used a restore point or any time warping software, but I did update to a new version of windows last night. Wonder if that could have messed something up??

I have pending windows updates too. I’m gonna make a character and restart after patching and see if that deletes the character again.

Unfortunately the closing of the game was not abnormal. I just teleported back to town and logged off.

I will go ahead and post the most recent log though, just in case something can be gleaned from it.

output_log.txt (118.3 KB)

Ok, doing another windows update didn’t do anything. Character is still there.

Weird. Maybe it was the “big” windows update that did it.

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