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Defiance of the forgotten knight shied bug

Long story short - equipping this shield caused me to receive huge amount of damage out of nowhere(I was in city, no other damage sources) and my character died within of 2-3 seconds.
Maybe its a combination with aura of decay combination since there was already a topic like that - Defiance of the forgotten knight bug

Unfortunately my character was on hardcore, so thats a fatal bug for me. Can I have my char restored?

Screen -

Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

I dont think this bug was ever confirmed resolved - I dont think they could trace it to find the problem as it seems like its really hard to reproduce… I have played many times with that shield and time rot and its never happened…

To help the devs, please can you:

  1. Post your recent player.log (i.e. from the last playsession where this happened) - it is usually in BootDrive:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games

  2. Post your build - the simplest way to do this is to post it to Dammits Build Planner - there is a upload option. The alternative is to post screenshots of your passives and skills and equipment (imgur lets you do this without an account)

  3. Just to make sure - if you are using Steam, please verify the game file integrity - just to make sure your install is ok.

  4. @KissingAiur - Seen as though you were the original bug reporter on this - do you have any update to the issue?

@vapourfire thanks for the reply

attaching those -

1 - Player.log (218.9 KB)

2 - build

3 - yup, done

will test that case myself once again I guess, so maybe more details will appear

Hmm… Looking through the player.log I noticed the following:

  1. Error - XInput1_3.dll not found. Trying XInput9_1_0.dll instead… - This is not a normal debug message and apparently could indicate a problem with DirectX - I doubt its related to this specific bug but its not a normal message - you might want to check if your Windows is updated properly (DirectX is now part of Win10 and not separate) and you may want to consider a CLEAN/SAFE Mode GPU driver installation (or use something like DDU)… Maybe even run sfc. I recommend you google this.

  2. Debug Message: Mourner (5) has a World Object Click Listener, but is on layer 15, which is not a clickable layer. It is being moved to the default layer - This is not a normal debug message so maybe its related… Only an EHG developer would know what this message means - all I can say is that its not in a normal player.log. At least not the hundreds I have looked through over the last year.

  3. Debug Message: Coroutine couldn‚Äôt be started because the the game object ‚ÄėSearch‚Äô is inactive! - this is another debug message I dont recall seeing before‚Ķ It doesnt logically seem to refer to the bug - maybe something happened with a stash search or something?

  4. Debug Message: submeshIndex out of range. Clampped to 0. - Another one I have never seen before… Its at moments like these that I wish I had Unity development experience… :wink:

  5. There is a crash registered - NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at PixelCrushers.DialogueSystem.Examples.AlwaysFaceCamera.ComputeScale () - I dont think its related to the OP bug as this is a dialog subsystem used in Unity - maybe you had an odd crash opening the UI/dialog with an NPC or something?

  6. THis leads to a final error -AwesomeTechnologies.VegetationSystem - (this one I have seen before) related to the vegetation/grass etc subsystem used with Unity which could have something to do with the special effects in-game settings (grass etc)… Again, only the devs can say for sure…

I may have missed something in the 5100 line text file, but those are the ones that I noticed that are not found in other player.logs (or at least are not common).

TLDR; Your player.log has a lot of abnormal debug messages that could be related to the problem, including one DirectX one (unlikely to be related imho but I am not an expert).

This is one of those bugs that will require direct Dev involvement - I cannot really help much (I have zero affiliation with EHG and am not a Unity Dev)…

@vapourfire thank you for your effort, I have checked the issue once again and I can reproduce it every single time just by enabling aura of decay while wearing that shield. I assume thats actually happens cuz of shield property: +24% chance to apply time rot on hit.
When aura of decay is on, my character receives small amount of damage from poison, which probably considered by the shield as ‚Äėhit‚Äô and my character getting time rot applied on himself. With my current dps its fatal after 2 seconds or so‚Ķ

If possible… can you remove/rename your player.log before you start the game… do the exact same test and then shutdown the game immediately… that should leave a player.log with only the relevant debug messages - might help - assuming of course that the debug log even has a message related to the bug (entirely possible it might not)…

This one is defintely odd…

DoT like Poison are by default not considered Hits in the game so the Shield should not be applying Time Rot to you because of the Aura of Decay poison - at least not based on the normal game mechanics and the game is usually very strict about the differentiation between Hits & DoT damage…

Oh yes. I remember this bug. I’ll look into it, thanks.