Defiance of the forgotten knight bug

Shield is triggering time rot on the user if they have aura of decay hitting them. Instead of reducing attack speed etc it is giving me more. I have over 10k.


seems ethical

Could you post screenshots of your Aura of Decay tree, passives and gear? I’m not certain if it’s intended for Time Rot to apply to yourself, but I’d like to look into what’s causing the increases even if we change it.

I’ve tried this on a character with an unspecialized Aura of Decay and this does not happen. Once I recreate your build I’ll be able to narrow down what’s causing the issue.

Thanks for the report!

I despecialized Aura of decay and its still doing it. I am really not sure where it’s coming from. I took off all my gear and idols and it’s still happening. It might be the skill tree?

Hmm, I’m not having this issue with those passives and skill points, so screenshots of all your gear and idols would be the next step.

Though, before that, can you post your log file from a game session where this happens? I assume you’ve already restarted the game at this point but I’d be interested in knowing if it’s still happening if you restart after despecializing Aura of Decay.

i took off everything but my shield and i was still procing time rot on myself, bug still happens even after logging. You notice in picture the timerot animation that the shield does, appears on my toon.

Player.log (441.4 KB)

Does your attack/cast speed still increase? It doesn’t look like it is from that last screenshot.

Whether Time Rot should be applied to yourself is a different question than the bug that was increasing your speed.

Here is my two recordings of it. Looks like it might start increasing once you get hit by damage or maybe go into other time rots or could be that i didn’t wait long enough? Not really sure.

Here is the videos:

Here it didn’t look like it was increasing, (not sure if i left it long enough) so i went into combat and it started to change after that. it bounced between 8 and -8 than to 27.

here you see it bouncing from 76 to 107 to 143 etc. if i leave it for longer it slowly increases.

Edit: It’s been 10mins or so and it’s now bouncing between 366% and 449%.

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