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Decyphier's Suggestions

Please note that just because I suggest them doesn’t mean I demand them, lol. These are merely things that I personally feel would benefit being changed or added.

Overall, you have a ton of potential here EHG. I look forward to hopefully playing a game as big as Path of Exile or Grim Dawn someday.

  • No images or descriptions of the class, etc, when creating at character creation menu other than the class name and the icon. Is this being added?

  • Spell or ability tooltip text doesn’t really go with the aesthetic for the rest of the UI/game. I feel like maybe it’s the font? I can’t put my finger on it.

  • When wanting to remove a skill from action bar, there’s no option to clear the slot (ex: Path of Exile’s red ‘X’). You are forced to always have a slot contain a skill which is pretty strange.

  • Spell sound effects in general (skeletal mage casts, rip blood, etc) sound pretty dull at the moment.

  • The animations for skeletal summons could use work as they move very stiff.

  • Maybe having right-click or ctrl-left-click equip a new item in your inventory instead of having to click it and drop it over the old item? Equipping items in general also feels extremely unpolished and unresponsive. I always have to double-check to make sure my item actually replaced the old one.

  • Sub 30 FPS in a lot of areas within Act 1. My specs are:

i5 6600
GTX 1060
16 GB’s of RAM

And I have to run the game on Medium to have “playable” FPS in most areas (60+).

  • I would really like for there to be a better way to tell a player that they’ve completed an NPC’s quest. Right now the exclamation point remains over the NPC after quest completion on the minimap, and as a new player, I always forget and end up talking to that NPC over and over again to just have them tell me that I’ve done good, etc.

  • Passives and skill notifications for level-ups are not in a good spot, IMO. I think their notification buttons upon leveling should be moved above the XP bar or something within the player’s center screen.

I think that’s it for now.

Thanks for the feedback!

Some quick thoughts on the points that you’ve raised;

  • Neither the character creation screen, nor the character selection screen currently implemented are final. We will have some improvements in our next patch which give more information about your current characters (e.g. level, class), but I’m not sure when the character creation screen will be redone. This kind of polish is something that we probably won’t see prior to the game entering the beta stage of development.

  • Most of the game’s UI was replaced in Patch 0.6 - which we first announced in this thread in response to the feedback we had been getting regarding the previous one. The tooltips predate the UI change, and will likely be tweaked visually in the future to match.

  • Hrm, that isn’t something I’ve seen suggested / requested before. I’ve spoken with the developer focused on this and he says it’s on his list for future improvements.

  • We will be replacing a lot of the sound effects in-game, though I’m not sure if Rip Blood in particular is on that list. It may be worth creating a dedicated thread for those you think could do with a revisit (in general topics having their own thread would be preferred).

  • I think these animations are also on the list, but I’ll poke the art team just in case.

  • Click-to-equip is planned for the future, but I don’t believe it’ll be in our next patch.

  • Optimization is something we work on a bit each patch - it’s actually interesting that you say performance is particularly bad for you in Chapter 1, as we’ve seen a lot of reports of the inverse of this. There are a handful of settings which can impact FPS more than they should, which we’ll be looking at fixing in a future patch.

  • We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about better clarifying the status of quests individual NPCs are associated with and will be addressing this in future. I can’t yet offer an ETA.

  • Interesting feedback. Mind if I ask which resolution you’re playing at? We’ve been trying to balance having them be noticeable with not having them be annoying if they appear at an inconvenient time. I’m sure we can reposition these a bit!

Thanks a lot for the reply, glad to see most of my suggestions are being implemented at some point. I’m pretty surprised I’ve been one of the only ones suggesting we need a “clear skill” mechanic regarding our action bars.

Fwiw, my resolution is the standard 1920x1080.

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