Decrease the difficulty of L:agon

I only play these type of games on hardcore. Today I lost my 20th char on Lagon. Despite I know all mechanics of this boss, man, a picosecond in a mistake in a reaction time and he blows your HP to the moon. End game boss is a piece of cake, but this mid-game son of a whore is insane. Would you consider to decrease his beam attack damage by, lets say, 25%?
Maybe Im just a n00b, i will be happy to hear from fellow Epochadventures!

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Campaign Lagon is the first boss you need brains for in LE. Don’t stand in shit and have enough tank and lightning/cold resi and it’s a piece of cake. The transition from “I run it down brainafk because the difficulty is a joke!” to “Oh my whatis this all the sudden?” Lagon difficulty spike is steep. Non the less it’s still childsplay once you understood what is happening.


Well, if you play HC and you already had 20 chars, then you probably know that there is no reason for you to fight campaign Lagon. You do campaign until Oracle’s Abode, then go to monos until you are about lvl 55 then you run Temporal Sanctum and skip to the end of campaign.

I’ve lost a couple of HC character to Lagon in monos, the most recent one was just yesterday. Both times it was my own stupidity - I got trapped in the corner with traversal ability on cd. I beat him right after with same chars.

Watch out for the eye beam, save your traversal / damage reduction abilities for it; have phys/cold/lighning res capped and decent HP pool and you will have no problems.

EHG, please don’t nerf Lagon, it is iconic fight.


Whaaaaat. I was unaware of this. You still get all the idol spots and skill points doing it this way?

Lagon’s eye lasers are heavily telegraphed and have a significant windup. They are very easy to avoid if you “know all the mechanics”. You are not experiencing “a picosecond mistake in reaction time”, you are experiencing a gap between the level of skill you think you have and the level of skill you actually have.

The damage doesn’t need to be decreased, you just need to play better and stop getting hit by purposely deadly attacks.


I don’t really understand what the problem with Lagon is for seemingly many people. I could understand the old version where some builds had hard time targeting him right, but these days that should not be a problem.

My current assumtion is that people go to him undergeared. While I have only few separate sources for this, I have seen some streamers go through lagon. Well… lets just say it wouldn’t be wrong to say that their defenses are equivalent of few rolls of toilet paper.

I have always had significantly more health, maxed resistances (or nearly) and I use movement abilities.
So yeah, I think people have just facerolled until him and then die. They never played ‘right’. Its not that they can’t, but that is just the way they play.

So… in other words. Lagon is fine. Get defenses, if you have problems.


I understand your frustration, but this contradicts itself

What did you die to? not one of his mechanics needs fast reaction times. It is all about positioning yourself porperly. This is ongoing through the fight and does not need any fast reactions at all.

So I think you might not understood all of his mechanics yet.

You as a player are in full control where he will target the beam. So you need to be aware where you are and when the boss starts using the attack.
Don’t let yourself get cornered with the beam. Either stay on one side and swap side fast (needs more reaction time) or stay in the middle and go to either side (requires less reactiontime but leaves you smaller room to dodge otehr stuff.


Yeah, it’s a mechanic check, not a DPS check. Avoiding the beam is trivial.

You’re also not supposed to save your DR abilities for it, you’re supposed to not get hit by it.

No of course not. You don’t do the quests, you don’t get the quest rewards.

One of the telegraphed attacks that are intended to oneshot you.

None of them need fast reaction times…

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Then why would we wanna do this?! I like my idols and skill points. Lame suggestion.

To get to the end quicker, that’s what lots of people asked for on alts & that’s what they got.

As much as I’d like to skip parts of the campaign, I also like having all of my stuff. Good to know it’s an option though, I suppose.

One is not exclusive with the other. You still need to do quests, but you do the ones from chapter 9, not the ones in the Lagon chapter.
If you go that route, you will have all passives but not all idols when leveling in Monoliths 30-55 lvl. And you finish remaining idols and get +1 all attributes after the dungeon skip.

Lagon is a class imbalance, because when you play as necromancer with 13+ minions, you can just stay in one place and only spawn minions. You dont have to move, you can just browse inverntory and wait. Its the easiest fight possible in the game for necro. I died many times by random low level bosses or elites while exping, but damage dealt/received imbalance is another thing in this game.

You have all your passive points and idol slots at the end of Heoborea… after killing the Tree boss.

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Lagon’s mechanics are pretty easy to spot. You just have to watch their head and the floor at the same time.

My advice would be to get acquainted with the mechanics of all bosses with a non-HC character, because if you’re having issues with Lagon, who has perhaps the most telegraphed and patterned mechanics of all, then you’re not gonna have a good time with faster / more random bosses.
P.s. when you get used to it, he’s actually one of the easiest bosses for the reasons above. In high corruption empowered monos, the number of stuff that can oneshot you grows as corruption grows, but an attack that doesn’t hit you will always deal 0 damage, which is what makes him easier than others in my opinion. He’s even more forgiving in case of lag/rubberbanding - others not so much, the Black Sun comes to mind as a prime offender.

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Neato burrito. I never really paid attention, I just went and did the campaign lol.

Also, in case you never noticed, but you can track that progress in the bottom left of the 'M’ap. You’ll see x/7 and x/15 counters there – your idol slots and passive points, respectively.

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Slight correction, it’s x/8 and x/15. :wink:

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Back-off man, I’m a Ghostbuster. And, I just woke up, and can’t even see what I’m typing :wink: