Death's New Look: Upcoming 3d Armour Models for the Acolyte

Some of the most common feedback we receive is disappointment that the visual appearance of characters does not change when you equip different items. This is due to our art team being busy with other work, making it difficult to find the time to create more 3d models for equipment. The good news is that a couple of artists have been working on this!

In Beta 0.7.0e we implemented some additional equipment models for the Sentinel class, and we’re actively working on more. A couple of weeks ago I posted a teaser of upcoming models for Mage armour, and today we’d like to show you some for the Acolyte.

The armour shown in the images below is not yet finished - however at this stage we are only planning a few minor changes prior to it being considered ready.

We’d love to know what you think!


Not bad but I would suggest making the skirt longer more of a robe look. The knees look is just odd for the Necro to me.


I like it! I love the head piece, really carries that old school Necromancy look from the plague days!
Keep it up!

I love it, it looks spooky!

I agree. Master of the undead and everything vile, but can’t find enough cloth to make a longer skirt. She did manage to find some cool boots, shoulder, chest and head armor though.

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Looks super good and fitting the to theme keep up great work!

Zeah, also agree. Her hood almost seems to be longer than her skirt.

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This acolyte look really fits thematically!

It’s probably easier to animate if it’s shorter.

Cloth physics are hard.

Hey they wanted feedback on it I gave.

Wow, THIS LOOKS SICK!! Will it be a specific armour or it will apply to any armour I equip?

Give that girl some heels. I ain’t saying give her stilettos, but some short heels help define a gender.

Yea. For aesthetic feedback, I won’t moderate my feedback for technical considerations. But in this case, I’m genuinely cool with how it currently looks. Whether I feel the same about it after I see how it looks in game might be a different matter though…

Looks really cool! :cowboy_hat_face:
I would agree with the longer skirt like a robe for a Necro.

Very nice! I like the short skirt.

For the mask/head it would be cool if it would have a more female look. The only part somebody could tell this is a female character is the skirt.

I like it, it really fits the Acolyte theme. But please, give a longer skirt. Or just drop the skirt and use trousers. This knee-look reminds me of a little school girl.

Im going to be honest, its quite horrible.

It doesnt give me that “wow!” feeling, its just plain and way too simple. The worst part of it is knees and some of the legs showing up. Looks more like a teenager who is taking some acid before going to rave, than an acolyte.

It looks great, but yea. Longer skirt would look better

It looks nice keep up the good work! Although in my humble opinion a longer skirt or a leggings would be nicer.

May be if you leave some cloth in front and back, like the bottom half of tabard with leggings it could look pretty neat in my personal opinion. :slight_smile:

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On one hand I also find the lack of pants/longer skirt disturbing, but on the other hand Templar in PoE is one of my favourite classes, and he is completely fine with no pants xD The cape and a skull mask are awesome! I would love to see more “wicked” (in a good way) stuff like that! Great job!