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Beta 0.7.0e Patch Notes

Monolith of Fate

  • Timeline modifiers now grant increased experience.
  • There is now an objective arrow pointing towards bosses.


  • The Sentinel’s Armour visuals now vary based on base types.
    • There are two variations for helmets, gloves and boots.
    • For body armour the combination of chest and pauldron visuals is different for every base type.
  • Changed the level requirement formula so that more emphasis is put on the highest affix tier an item has.
    • Old: level requirement = highest tier + sum of tiers to
    • New: level requirement = (2 x highest tier) + sum of tiers
    • The values for each tier have been changed from 1, 4, 7, 12, 17 to 1, 3, 6, 10, 14.
  • Glyph of Stability
    • Now reduces instability added by 0% to 60%.
    • Instability added is no longer always rounded up.
  • Reduced values of glancing blow at most tiers (the max value of tier 5 has not changed).
  • Increased the values of the armour and protection affixes (including flat, increased and set affixes).
  • Increase the values of set increased health regen.
  • Changed starting Sentinel shield name from "Knight Shield" to "Renegade Shield".


  • Improved the behavior of skills that pull enemies. Enemy movements should be less erratic than before.
  • Increased Tornado’s damage by 17%.
  • Improved the wording of Enra’s Technique on the Hammer Throw to better describe its interactions with other nodes.
  • Improved the way Warpath is controlled while using a controller.


  • The Vitality node at the start of the Sentinel class now grants 10% increased health regen per point, rather than 10 health per point.


  • Rare Highland Bears’ ice attack takes 62.5% longer to hit and deals 16% less damage.
  • The "of Blades" increased damage monster suffix can now only spawn in level 10 and higher zones.


  • Refactored camera zoom. It should be much more responsive and less buggy at lower framerates.
  • There is now an additional confirmation panel before you leave the arena.
  • Player movement and camera zooming is now disabled when the mouse is outside of the game window.
  • Made the background of mastery descriptions slightly transparent so that players better understand that there are nodes behind them.
  • Scrolling in the chat window while it is open will no longer cause the camera to zoom.
  • Monster outlines and health bars will correctly update based on whether they are under the chat window and whether it is open / closed.
  • The overlay map now remains open when you travel to a new zone.
  • Reduced the size of the NPC dialogue window to account for the chat.
  • Adjusted profanity filter to make it less overzealous.

Bug Fixes

  • Likely fixed the game crashing on startup for some users. A framework we use was incompatible with older CPUs (AMD Phenom II and Intel Core 2 and earlier). We have updated to a newer version of the framework which includes a workaround.
  • Fixed a bug where items could fracture when improving the tier of an affix even if the panel displayed 100% success chance.
  • Fixed a bug where if an item fractured while you were trying to add a new affix then the affix would be added regardless.
  • Fixed a bug where the rarity and level requirement of an item wouldn’t be increased when crafting in some situations.
  • Fixed at least some situations where the crafting materials panel became stuck open.
  • Fixed a bug where certain abilities like void drain and blood tether would persist indefinitely if you changed zone while they were active on you.
  • Fixed a bug where the Lich’s Soul Maw node only applied to spell damage.
  • Fixed a bug where the Paladin’s Shield Wall node was giving 20% reduced dodge rating rather than 25% less dodge rating.
  • Fixed the Void Knight’s Void Bolts passive unlocking at level 15 instead of level 10.
  • Rebuke
    • Fixed the armour and elemental protection nodes not gaining extra benefits from additional points.
    • Fixed buffs not persisting correctly after channeling ended.
    • Fixed the void essence on hit node not working.
  • Fixed portal hitboxes not matching the visuals.
  • Fixed the values for instability added by a craft displaying incorrectly when a Glyph of Stability is used.
  • Fixed the quest pulser in The Wasteland being in the wrong spot.
  • Fixed an animation error with Shield Rush.
  • Fixed some stretching present in Acolyte and Sentinel animations.
  • Fixed the shop being unusable with a controller.
  • Fixed an error in the Spriggan’s companion ability tooltip
  • Fixed Liath Grove being misspelled on the world map
  • Ended Geova’s experiments in levitation.

We know that the patch size for Windows is quite large and we are working to determine the cause of these large patch sizes, as the patch sizes for both Mac and Linux are closer to what we’d expect. Please note that a patch size doesn’t mean that the game will take up that much more storage. Rather, the patch usually overrides data that was already present.


Cool! More patch!


EHG on it as always!

Danke for the Diligence and great work!


Very welcome changes!

Great work!

Tornado builds incoming!

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3 large updates in under 2 weeks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you for the very fast updates! You guys rock


Awesome, i hope black hole skill works ok now.

HYPE :cowboy_hat_face:
Amazing work

Thanks for the update, really welcome. Any ideas on the ETA of the pet not appearing in Cosmetics tab bug fix?

Love the update details!

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And I just respecced my shaman to full summons :cry:
Well…guess I’ll level a third primalist xD

Sadly no other changes to Primalists, but I guess there are bigger changes needed for him than just number tweaks, so it probably takes longer :relaxed:

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You guys are awesome!

Great patch, finally I don’t have to change my graphic settings anymore in order to play in a borderless fullscreen everytime I log in! <3

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Nothing on totems counting toward the Partner nodes one companion limit?

Thanks again^^

PLIZZZZZZ FIX download Speed !!! Patch size 1839MB Download speed 409 KB/s…

You can connect the game to Steam with the Steam key and download with max speed. I do that with all games.