Death Seal Speed Running Lich 0.8d 500k+ Damage


Build Overview

Pros - Huge Damage - Fast Boss Kills - High Arena Wave Pusher - Good AOE and Single Target
Cons - Can get scary when death seal is not active.

Dammitt’s Builder Link

Below is a link to @Dammitt new website for builds. This Website is extremely easy to use and now lets you guys actively see my gear, the exact tiers and rolls, blessings and there rolls, and idols all in one spot. You can also edit any of it to make it better. Enjoy and make sure to give dammit a well deserved “Nice work” Pat on the back.

Death Seal Lich Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted January 24th 2021. Viable for 0.8d




Death Seal
Reaper Form
Aura Of Decay
Wandering Spirits

Shout Out To Other Lich Builds

Below is a link to @maomao death seal lich that incorporates huge armor protections from soul feast. This build deserves more views and he’s pushed it to 400 waves! Check it out.

Wave 400+! Poison Armor Death Seal Lich patch 0.8 - YouTube

Idols (This Section Moved To Dammitts Builder Section)

Blessings (This Section Moved To Dammitts Builder Section)

Gear (This Section Moved To Dammitts Builder Section


Thanks! It looks very nice.
Is it level 1 friendly? I mean, can I start a new Acolyte and use this build ? Or do you need all skills to be available when you start, and so it would be for grown up liches only ?
I’m not really comfortable with the fact that you need to be low life to be efficient…

no uniques required this build is viable straight out of the gate.
Specialization slots 1st to 5th

  1. Wandering Spirits ( First 3 points get spectral putresence)
  2. Transplant ( Bone armor is nice to get early)
  3. Reaper Form ( Go right side for slower degen and more leech first)
  4. Death Seal ( Unlock death wave first 6 points, then go for damned damage on right. Low life last)
  5. Aura of Decay (Unusable until its poison is converted to armor shred do that first then do 4 points in healing.)

Thank you very much!
I wanted to create a Lich, this will be her build. :slight_smile:

He Boardman, good to hear from you that you still active after your last apology video. Don’t do that shit anymore… i really think you are a true value LE community member so let’s try to keep that way. Heads-up and let’s keep looking forward en show us you fantastic builds

Hello. I noticed you’re using the amulet and gloves with the innate “Critical strike chance”, I thought only melee characters could use that and ranged or spell had to find the spell one? This is my first time playing lich so trying to figure it all out

Critical strike chance increases everything chance to critically strike both melee and spell along with all others. It also stacks with spell critical strike chance

Thank you, someone told me otherwise on the global chat when I started playing a few days ago so I was confused.

I hope you can help with some other lich questions real quick, when something says “leech on hit” like an idol, does hit imply spell or melee, trying to fill up idol space for lich running this.

The same idol also says “X% damage over time taken”, I’m assuming that is just a standard DOT ailment reduction and doesn’t impact health drain, correct?

Also, thanks for posting all the builds, yours are my go to, used them for rogue, mage, sentinel and now lich.

Leech on hit means you will leech a % of damage by any hit. Everything hits as long as it does not have a “Damage over Time” tag on the skill. Example Disintrigate on Sorcerer, or Spirit plague on Acolyte.

I assume this has an “increased” or a “less” word in it, but yes its for standared dot damage, not health degen or health drain.

Nice build, I’ve been playing maomao’s version of it in Arena and pushing really high. Death Seal is super strong right now.

Also, using dammit’s planner was a nice touch. Seeing actual gear is really helpful.

Does extra poison damage like that you can have from the blessing convert to the armor shred from the skill Aura Of Decay Decrepify?

No. Aura of decay applies shred stacks over time. Poison damage increase is for the wandering spirits. It doesnt effect armor shred effectiveness or the amount of stacks applied by AoD

Okay thanks, so if i use an ornate idol with % Increased poison with auro of decay is active and the second stats with low health are only for the wandering spirits?

Yes and poisons applied by transplant if you go that route in its tree

I want to try wandering spirits infectious dead for that. and remove just one point from thin Veil… or do you have other suggestions

This looks great, will give this a shot

You’re Lying!


Converting it to poison is only going to increase the damage of when they “pass through enemies” its not going to change the damage done by spectral putrescence and since the poison bolts are the main source of damage from them (applying poison stacks) you really wont see a change at all.

I created a new Acolyte and I’m now a Lich.
I need damage. I mean, I don’t know what skills to use while I don’t have everything available.
Right now, I use Rip Blood, Transplant, Hungering Souls, Summon Skeletons and Wandering Spirits. I now can access Reaper form, but I’ll probably don’t use it: I would have to remove a damage dealer skill. So I’ll continue with my minions build till I can access Death Seal, but that will happen quite late. Or maybe Aura of Decay deals enough damage to replace Hungering Souls? I need to do some damage before accessing the whole build! ^^

Wandering spirits and spirit plague all you need