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Dear devs...some general and Lich feedback

Hi all

I am no pro or hardcore player, but have played Diablo2 at day 1, D3, POE, Grim dawn etc…
First of all awesome game devs!!!

General feedback PRO:

  • Best end game loop of all of the above, great work and ideas…
  • Awesome crafting, I actually us it, and is usable, unlike poe where I just go and buy items
  • Thanks for not having 5million currencies like Poe, love and hate that game, her this is not the case
  • Thanks for allowing builds where you have time to use a flask, and dont get 1 shotted like POE
  • Thanks for allowing builds when stacking armor and health, you can actually be a tank…unlike POE, that does not matter, get 1 shotted anyways
  • Overall design, and map design is great
  • General gameplay, nailed it!!!

General feedback CONS:

  • Although map design is great I would suggest higher res textures, if possible
  • Perhaps add wind and dust and mist and smoke affects to maps to add to the overall feel, and take it to the next level. example sand blowing at desert areas.
  • IMPORTANT, in order to support your business model going forward, cosmetics, I would suggest to get help on character design, 1. Improve base models, since currently only basic and dont have that much character, i need to feel i care about the character. 2. This obviously flows over into actual armour and weapon cosmetics…just concerned you put in the effort with mediocore result, looking at base models, your business model could suffer from it. SO I suggest to invest in good artist for this part, even if part time.

Lich Feedback:

  • Love werebear form for druid, and using a skill to stay in wearebear form. Saying this, I see Lich in the same light, however, I cant stay in Lich(reaper form) form, so I have long downtime when playing Lich, leveling a Lich(reaper form) is tedious and not fun at the moment. Perhaps have a similar linked skill to keep you in Lich form, so that you can focus on playing a Lich(Reaper form) please.

Thanks again for listening, great GAME!!!

You can still get one-shot if you don’t pay attention to the boss mechanics for some of the monolith bosses and Julra.

If you have enough damage/leech you can stay in Reaper form for a few monoliths at a time, then you let things cooldown after a mono for a few seconds and you’re good to go

As Llama already pointed out leech will be your best friend to stay in Reaper Form.

One thing, that is important: Reaper Forms decay is fixed, so having a high HP Pool will help tremendously staying a longer period of time in Reaper Form.

You will very easily reach the point, where you can stay in Reaper Form for at least an entire MoF Echo.
When you reached that point, you will most likely not need Potions for in-combat heal anymore and the Node “Elexir Of Death” inside Reaper Forms Skill Spec Tree can help greatly staying in Reaper Form between mob packs. (I solely use potions to stay in Reaper Form outside of combat.
Also the node “Mistress Of Decay” will help you reach that point early.

If you finish an echo, go to the reward Echo Between Worlds Area and let Reaper Form run out, when you enter the next echo, while in Human Form and Reaper Form is on cooldown, Reaper Forms cooldown will reset. (All cooldowns reset in loading screens).

Also: Welcome to the LE Community!

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