Deadly crash.Need some help

DxDiag.txt (97.4 KB) (55.4 KB)
It will be like this.I can play the game for maybe 2~3 hours normally.
Longer I played,higher probability to crash.
And there are two kind of situations.
1st.It will be like normal crash.My screen will flash to black,poweroff kind black.For 2~3s.Then everything will be good again.
2nd.My screen will flash to black,poweroff kind black.FOREVER!Only reboot can solve this.
Really like this game and really really need some help.

anyone getting the unityplayer.dll access violation or nvwgf2umx.dll access violation has these similar crashes. it isnt your system. game need another patch to fix what is causing this problem.

:thinking: :thinking:hope this patch come soon

Well I had a response from one dev stating it was known and they were working on it a week ago. However, earlier today I had another dev say on Discord they have no news about another hotfix update… so who knows at this point. I submitted a support ticket linking several of the threads here and on Steam as a final attempt.

Sorry about this! We’ll need to investigate this particular crash further.

@DesireDemon Actually, for nvwgf2umx.dll access violation we’ve seen success from performing a clean install of graphics card drivers with DDU.

i had that crash in which i DDUed back to the current (497.29) which i then started just getting unityplayer.dll access violation.

L2 with she will punished them fixed this error on their test build. seems like the game was using more memory than it should. this could be why some people with alot of memory dont experience it but others like my self with 16GB and below do.

the game starts and i can play for a bit but then moving through a zone will randomly give me a black screen then end with a crash.

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