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Dark Quiver

I 've played some time with this Marksman skill and I find it is underwhelming. One arrow for 1 shot of skill is too a small benefit. Let us gather arrows and then buff lasts as many bow shots as the number of black arrows we picked up. Now the gameplay with Dark Quiver is cumbersome - now we have to kite and still pick up arrows for just 1 empowered shot? This skill is so unpopular in top marksman builds on this site… needs overhaul.

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Yeah, it certainly needs something to make it more desirable.I think being able to pick up multiple arrows at a time would be good, especially if it had a node to consume all of them in one go for an even bigger buff (based on the number of arrows consumed).

And it doesn’t need buffs it needs QoL improvement

I know, but, while the devs are down there (in the code)…

The whole mechnic is no fun at all. Way to complicated.
Other classes get useful auras , here it is is broken into pieces, that need to be collected for a buff, that runs out after a few seconds and even so only buffs 1 attack.
All this for a RANGED class.
I don´t wanna run around collecting arrows, I wanna shoot stuff in the face.

I agree that Dark Quiver could use QoL improvements for some interactions on the skilltree. For me Dark Quiver is still one of the most underrated and best skill from a design standpoint that ive seen in a long time.

There are 4 interactions that are really strong imo:

  1. 3 points into Surge of Adrenaline gives you almost perma Frenzy for every build if you invest annd combine it with the Until Dawn node.
  2. 5 Dusk Shroud stacks combined in Smoke Bomb and points invested into Cloak of Shadows+Dodge and Parry for Glancing Blow and Dodge is a really strong defensive mechanic. You can easily get 100%GB in arena with this.
  3. The 15% Kill threshold for Cinder Strike is a strong dmg boost for high hp bosses in Monolith.
  4. Dark Quiver is absolutely made for Hail of Arrows. The amount of dmg you can get to boost HoA dmg is ridiculous and it perfectly fits the playstyle since you only have to cast HoA once and kite around mobs.

The other big nodes around (Flurry, Multishot, Detonating Arrow & Puncture) definitly need a rework because picking up Black Arrows to boost a single shot reduces your dps just by walking around for too long. So like Llama said, picking up multiple arrows that you can store like Elemental Arrows in Marksmantree or a 3 second uptime after picking up a black arrow just for those type of Crit or Ailment skills would be highly appreciated.


I personally love the design of Dark Quiver. It’s super unique, aesthetically interesting and a cool mechanic I have never seen before in any games I have played, let alone arpgs. I don’t find it being underpowered but I do feel like players, even myself dislike the concept of having going to points on the map for a buff. The RNG factor of it and how much you might have to adjust your playstyle if your buff is in a bad location would suck. I don’t think this is a bad thing, I just find it very different. I think it’s weird to most of us because this mechanic isn’t really how we normally play arpgs and it’s a new concept. I am pretty curious how players adapt in the future to DQ.

I wouldn’t mind getting small changes to DQ in the future if the core concept stays the same. I think it could be really fun in groups too when multiplayer comes. We all have this concept of trying to incorporating it a lot in single play but being a blackline archer for a boss in a group? When you aren’t the main boss target, going to different locations for strong buffs might be a lot easier to corporate as a style of play.