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Damage Mitigation and some loot filter question

I came back to the game after a long break and played for couple of hours. It is nice to see how things improved but I am bit lost with damage mitigation and what stats to look out for on a gear.

I play Bladedancer Dancing Strike/Synchronized Strike/Shadow Cascade and some move ability. The gameplay is fluid. You generate some shadows and than trigger those with Shadow Cascade.

BUT I am being hit very hard by the mobs. This is my char

There are a lot of stats around damage avoidance: resistances, armor, block, dodge…

Are there any guides or rule of thumb that I could follow? What should I look for on gear to make me a bit more tanky?

Second question is about loot filters. There is a lot of loot that drops. Most of it is trash. Are there any good character specific tips I can set up just to make the loot a bit more meaningful for my char?


SC solo Leveling Guides 1 to 75 By Class and mastery



from here:

Welcome back!

So from what I can see, you mostly have invested in resistances, but in nothing else. (Your maximum health is severely lacking)

Best way to fully judge your character would be to upload it to Dammitt’s Build Planner (on the top left you can import)

Resistances are not the only form of defense, but as a Rule Of Thumb you can try to get your resistances roughly equal to your level and stack health.

Resistances are the universally best way to get damage mitigation and health stacking is good on literally every character.

There are also good passives, that give further damage mitigation like the “Evasion” Node in the Base Rogue Passive Tree, which gives you up to 25% damage mitigatio nwhile moving, which pairs very nicely with Dancing Strikes.

Dancing Strikes itself also has very good ways to give you damage mitigation.

Overall your resistances look too much on some parts and too less on others (you have way too much phy, cold and lightning and too less necrotic/void)

You should try to onyl get a little bit resistances of everything and then invest into a 2nd and 3rd defensive stat, like Health and Dodge.

Did you invest into Dusk Shroud Stacks? If yes getting %inc. dodge is really strong


  • make you resistances more equal, get rid of overcapped resistance
  • get more health
  • invest a little bit mroe into a 2nd damage mitigation layer (like dodge)

My first tip would be: Hide all stuff that you are absolutely not intersted in, like specific weapon types or stuff for other classes (especially if you are playing Solo)

Also hiding low level basetypes for armours and weapons can greatly reduce the amount of loot you will see on the ground.

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Your dodge/armor seems really low. I try to aim for at least 30-40% on my main defense (either dodge chance or armor) while running the campaign, and then try to keep that over 50% for monos (lvl 58+).

Thank you very much. I went through the info and spent some time going through skills and passive tree and made few adjustment.

It turns out it is fairly easy to follow and figure out what you need after you understand few basic ideas.

I invested in dodge and dodge related passives and the change is huge. I will continue playing with the skills I mention above since it provides very fluid and movement heavy flow.