Damage Calculation

Hello everybody, can i get an explanation on how dmg is calculated ?
What is the base dmg on which the final dps is calculated ?
I mean, no weapon has a base dmg on it like in any other arpg i ever played (like base dmg 10-30 physical).
So, all the nice stats we see, on which base are multiplied ?
It’s really hard to decide which weaps is better than the other without such an info … especially spell wise …
Same goes for armor etc.
I really don’t get the itemization in this game …

EDIT: For example when you start from scratch you have a base dps of ie. 16, then you equip a bow and same dps goes to 0 … im puzzled really … how this game calcute dps for melee, ranged and spell ??

Every weapon has base damage (well, flat damage that’s added to the skill’s base damage) on it:

  • You take the skill’s base damage (which isn’t often stated),
  • then add any relevant flat added damage (like on the above weapon) & multiply it by the skill’s added damage effectiveness (100% unless otherwise stated) by element
  • then you sum up the % increased damage on gear & passives and apply themby element, each skill gets 4% increased damage per point of an attribute, this is one of the % increased modifiers that you would add up, but it applies to all elements
  • then you take any instances of % more damage (generally only from within the skill tree) & apply them individually, eg, (% more 1) x (% more 2) x (% more 3) etc
  • then if the hit was a crit you multiply but your crit multi (200% = x2)

The “basic attack DPS” number only works for melee at the moment, they’re working on changing it to also work for bows.

Skill tooltip dps is on their list of things to do (phase 4).


Thanks Llama8 for the explanation, much clearer now, hope the missing bits are “revealed” soon so we can really start building :wink:

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