Crystal Sword

When i craft fire/ice or lightning flat damage on this weapon, did i get the bonus from the sword?
Or must the ability has one of these stats to get it?

Most conditional benefits will only work on skills that have that tag. So to get the AS benefits you need an elemental skill.

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ok ty

I’m curious myself about this weapon. I figured it was a spellblade specific weapon, is that not the case?

We don’t have class specific weapons. If something is class specific it will say on the item.

Except bows. :wink:


It can also be an excellent Fire Bladedancer weapon for things like Cinderstrike. Paladin’s Judgement is another Elemental attack. Heck even Primalist has elemental melee skills.

Well just tested the sword with Judgement - a skill tagged with “Fire” and “Melee” and didn’t seem to make any difference. I will just wait for next patch

Hmm… Thats not good… can you confirm with another elemental melee skill - just to isolate if this is a problem with the sword implicits or with the Judgement skill itself…

It should only affect the hit damage not the fire DoT.

Neither of them are worth using a Crystal sword with though. If you’re converting EQ to fire you want to use Bhuldar’s Wrath, and if Tempest Strike benefits from it (which it should since it has elemental tags) then it’s only the attack speed that it’ll benefit from since the procs are spells & the crystal sword has no adaptive spell damage implicit. IMO the Primalist isn’t an elemental melee user & the sword is more obviously meant for the Spellblade & to a lesser extent Sentinel/Rogue.

While a faster hitting playstyle with 1H weapons is not ideal for EQ because of it’s high mana cost, the Buldars Wrath is not superior in every way compared to playing a normal fire EQ via skill spec tree.

Also don’t forget that 1H Swords can have adaptive spell damage as prefixes. It’s not as strong as a scepter, but still a possibility.
Tempest Strike is probably just not a good candidate for using swords.

Don’t forget you can always get more flat damage dual wielding than with a crafted 2h weapon (passives such as Ancestral Weaponry notwithstanding), but Bhuldar’s Wrath does have a massive amount of flat damage on it (96 + up to 90) which you can only equal if you go for 2x flat damage modifiers & even then you wouldn’t be able to get the +50 cold damage from Ancestral Weaponry. Bhuldar’s Wrath is by far the best offensive weapon for a Primalist EQ build, it’s just missing any form of defensive suffixes.

Also, the up to 24 adaptive spell damage you can get from a sword prefix is less than half what you can get from a Sceptre (up to 65 with an Obsidian Sceptre). If you wanted to do a Tempest Strike build around the procs you’d probably want to use a staff though.

What spec did you have in mind, apart from the spell version?

Hit damage is only physical correct?

Not sure. There are other skills (Tempest Strike) where some of the tags refer to different parts of the skill. Judgement’s base damage could be pure phys or it could be phys/fire, though that’ll be a tiny amount compared to the flat damage from your weapon.

Yeah I’m not talking about base damage. Just the Judgement skill itself. Thought the initial hit was only physical based, or at least it used to have a tooltip that detailed the different parts of the skill. Maybe that was…changed?

Then the damage will be whatever flat added melee damage you have from your weapons/passives/etc.

My apologies community, it was late and I was not in a good head-space. However, the consecrated ground dmg does not appear to be impacted by the sword.

Did more in-depth testing just now - both implicits on crystal sword affect Judgment (initial hit) damage positively. However, keep in mind you need added ELEMENTAL melee damage in order to benefit from the increased elemental damage%. From my testing, it seems that you gain the attack speed benefit without having the added elemental dmg.

Hope this info helps others in the future.

Any added damage you gain from any source would not change the Tag of a skill.

All those conditional effects depend on the skills Tags, not on what stats you have on gear.

Further more, the %increased elemental melee damage would affect any elemental melee damage you have on gear or passives. Even if you using a skill like Vengeance or Rive, which don’t have an elemental tag, they would still get the increased flat added damage.

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?? We are on the same page. I didn’t say the attack speed was dependent upon the skill tag but I guess I implied it and I understand that’s the case. And I didn’t imply that adding any sort of melee damage would change a skill tag…so yeah…just was posting results of tests with the weapon. It should be noted…I was specifically testing Judgement with the weapon…so everything I said is true for testing with that skill.