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Critical chance

Hi everyone, it’s me again and again. Since no one seems to be motivated to create a real guide (another post) which explains all the mechanics of the game. I would not hesitate to spam the questions.

The subject tightened the critical chance.

Already the basic calculation does not always seem logical and clear to me.

What I do know is that the “+ X%” are flat increases. Calculate basic you have 5% of basic crit add 5% gives 10%. So far I agree no problem.

My problem is the multiplicatives, or at least the cumulative multiplicative which makes me want to explode the game.

Example I have 5% critical base (0 flat) I get 20% critical so it gives 1% more so 6%

But when I add 50% it seems to recalculate them on the basis of 5% and not the total which is now 6%. Finally it is the impression that I have, at the end I have X% everywhere on my stuff in my passive ext I do not exceed 30% of crit chance. There is a bit of abuse.

Whereas on a basis of 5% + 5% flat + some multiplicative one is quickly at 100% of chance.

So basically a weapon without crit is equal to impossible to play crit. It’s a bit sad.

After that, I may be mistaken in the idea that it is a discussion and not a criticism because the calculations are always complex.

Then there is another point on how to calculate the critical chance of a melee spell.
In fact the critical base of the spell is to calculate how it is additional to the critical base then are added the multiplicative … I understand that dal.

Let’s say I take a melee type X spell. In these passives I add + 10% of critical base (of the spell). These 10% is added or multiplied or in the calculated according to your critical melee of your character?

Let’s take a simple example, I have 10% base critical on my melee spell and 30% critical melee chance on my character (5% base + various multiplicative). What are my chances of criticism and how is it calculated?

Same I allow myself the question on the Critical strike multiplier of a spell. If my spell has + 150% Critical strike multiplier, and my base character has 300% what is it?
450% in the logic?

I did bold recalculate, to point out that his is not the case.

All your % increases to critical chance are additive, that means it all gets summed up and will be done in one calculation.


You have 5% Base Crit

You have:
20% increased critical strike chance on your glove
25% increased critical strike chance on your amulet
40% increased critical strike chance on your weapon

All of this will get summed up to85% increased critical strike chance.
So your total critical strike chance in my example would be 9,25% critical strike chance.

Yes any base critical strike chance increases are very strong, but you don’t need base crit on your weapon to successfully play a crit build.
There is also base critical strike chance on some uniques or set items and in skill spec tree.

All your base crit chances are added together with your 5% base crit chance.

If you have additional 9% Base Melee Crit Chance on your weapon and another 3% global base crit chance from a unique or set item for example this would result in 5% (base crit) + 9% (only for melee) + 3% = 17% base crit chance. This would only apply to melee skills.

For non-melee skills you would only have 5% (base) + 3% = 8% base crit chance.

All your % increases would apply to those base crit values.

200% Crit Multiplier is the default value, so a crit is doing 200% damage of a normal hit, so twice the damage.

If you have 150% crit multiplier on gear and passives you would have 350% crit multiplier, which would result in a critical strike dealing 3,5x the damage of a normal hit

first of all thank you for these answers. Everything seems clearer to me now.

however …

What is this scam … Seriously it annoys me someone can explain to the dev that it is rubbish …
Sorry in advance for the terms, but we are fucked up.

Basically what you literally explained is that% crit is a scam.

Already that I find its duration to increase little by little from the base of 5% in a normal calculation. But this is impossible.

You just invest 4 or 5 affixes in% crap crit, for what 2%? Serious?
Damn I take the example of lunge a spell. By itself gives 240% critical chance, it gives more than your 5 T5 affixes …

It’s complete rubbish. It is shameful and this is obviously nowhere to be explained. Because nobody can think that one calculates like that I am sorry.

At home if we take 10% of base we add 20% its gives 12%

You add another 50% its 50% of 12 so +6

This is how% is calculated normally.

Sorry heavy I don’t get angry with you of course, just I think it’s disgusting and it seems a habit in this game, because we are not going to repeat the subject on the resistors either which are as much a scam, you do not only compensate for the penetration of monsters, so in clear your resistance does not serve you to resist. Once again its playing on a word or a logical calculation value everyone learns to put it upside down.

If they are not able to balance the game in a logical way, there is a concern … If the normal way of calculating the% causes the values ​​to be too high, they can decrease them not screwing us up on its way of calculating in more of course not say so.

They can also, as said, reduce the values ​​given by the% and give something consistent with a normal calculation method. Or simply make the slots rarer and for example be able to put them on only 2 pieces of armor. But that the method of calculating remains normal.

Sorry but I realize that I have been getting fucked in the ass for over 300 hours of play putting% crit all over the place to earn 2 old% shit. While I could have used them for more useful things. And its there is nothing like it to really annoy me

No game does this. All games differentiate between increased and more and flat. You are reading “increased” as if it was “more”.

I apologize in advance, but if basic you find me “a little hard, or virulent” when I’m calm … When I’m upset I throw the pavement in the face. Sorry if his mouth but voila … I have the impression that I was ripped off.

There is no “normally”…

Crit is no scam,… it does require huge investment to become strong, but it pays off i can tell you.

That’s the reason why base crit is so strong.

If you can get base crit on your weapon of catalyst for melee or spells respectively and possibly even mroe base crit on your skill spec tree, all of the sudden you have 20% base crit, so you need like ~ 400% increased crit chance to get to 100% crit, whic his very achieveable.

I don’t know to what you compare this, and why you say it’s “normal calculations method”…

Literally almost everything in this game works the same way. The onyl exceptions are more and less multipliers, which are generally quite rare and mostly present within skill spec trees.

Even % increased damage is calculated the same way.

Rule of thumb:
increases and decreases all sum up together and get calcualted in one calculation.
more and less are all calculated one by one after each other

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Very sorry but it’s written + X%

And no I do not calculate as a plus. I would calculate as a plus if I have 5% base, I add + 20% and I thought I had 25% … Except I never said that. I said that when I have 10% in all and I add a + 20% it is shown me added 20% not added to the other%

So if there is a normal.
I will explain it.

You have 10% you add 20% so you earn 2%

So you are no longer at 10 but at 12.

Then you add 50% so you take your new base of 12% so 50% of 12 equals 6. So now your new total is 18% and so on.

At school we learn it like his, in contability learns it like his. So in short this is the normal compute.

Adding all the% before calculate is gross.

When you have a 20% critical chance on your character, I’m sorry when you add 20% more you are normally supposed to be 24% and it makes sense, you add 20% to your current total.

I don’t know what to say.
I personally would never even assume that’s the way how crit is calculated.
You are the first person what i met, that thinks this is how critical strike chance is calculated…sorry >.<

Your base critical strike chance, simply does not “change” and get’s “recalcualted”
It always stays fixed and get’s increased in one single calculation, with all summed up %increases.

I don’t know why you hate this so much, but it’s very balanced.
Crit is still the single best way to scale damage on hit builds.

It’s not a scam, it’s very very valuble and strong.

Sorry, but I don’t understand either.

If my taxes ask me for 5% of my income for the year, they want 5% of the total.

I don’t have the right to say wait, so I take the X tax off the Y thing, then I add 20% to what is left.
I do his I have the police that he shows up at my place, or at least a bailiff.

I earn 12,000 euros in the year. 5% of 12000 is 600 euros, and it is the check that he expects not 1 euro less.

Just when you add a% to something you take the whole of the something and you add the 20%, you don’t just take what it interests you.

So if the accountant calculates like that, the administration too, the school also in short everything there is. Why games do otherwise is ridiculous.

So, that annoys me because it is explaining null by and I would like the calculations to be clear and readable and that we understand what our affixes are used for. Not just values ​​so we don’t understand anything when calculating.

And once again this is not balanced in terms of weapon either.

A dagger can have 5% implied, and therefore choose 2 affixes as it wants.

No sword has that chance, so you don’t play a dagger up your ass. (the sentinel has no choice but to have a sword in second hand shame for him)

The same for certain unique ones who do not have this stats besides that you cannot add it. On a 2-handed weapon it’s even worse … He can’t even compensate.

And you found its balanced?

It’s the opposite, some characters will have a hard time having a correct critical% which for me is 50% minimum below it is not worth the trouble. While others will have 100% chance to crit with 2 weapons and with little or no other investment.

Then the balancing I doubt. When you invest 5 affixes, to earn some unfortunate ridiculous%, I don’t find that balanced.

After we all agree, I’m not talking about the power of critical hits. I’m just talking about investing for what you earn.

5 affix spots for 2% review is clearly a scam by their method of calculation.

While base crit chance on a weapon is really strong, it’s not necessarily the best.
Daggers have very low base dmg, but base crit.
That’s called balancing and diversity.

Also classes not being able to dual wield all weapon types in their off-hand is a really refreshign thing, because it gives classes alot of identiy.

2H weapons are not a in a super good spot i agree, but 2H weapon have stronger affixes.

If you invest into crit, you need to fully commit and not only get a bit % increases and expect much power in return.

If you decide to go crit with a particular build you have to try and get some base crit.

So let’s take a stupid example, I wanted to play my critical forge guard, with forge strike …

Forge strike has a passive that increases your critical hit damage by 100%. You see, you think you’re cool, if I invest in critical hits it’s going to be violent … You look at the beautiful well-venere hammer that is clearly designed to be played with the forge guard. You say you’re nice except that in the ass.

How do you manage to write?
Your weapon is 2-handed. It doesn’t have a% base, you can’t add any. And you can’t have 2 weapons … So you don’t have any crit chance, great thanks for the 100% critical damage passive that I would never have. So it’s not with my old 5% base and 80% of nothing that I’m going to do a critical hit.

So what are their liabilities used for? To just make it pretty, or else what is their weapon used for? Because at worst I take a normal 2 hand and add 5% flat and voila.

But hey they created the hammer or the liability for nothing …

This is only an example because I have it in mind, but I’m sure you can find plenty of them.

Forged Strike has up to +9% base critical strike chance on the skill spec tree.

I really don’t want to devalue anything you say, but i think you might just lack the experience building a charactere with critical strikes in LE.

I say it again: Critical Strikes are very balanced in LE, they are in fact a bit too strong maybe.

It’s all about balancing. Sunforged Hammer is incredibly powerfull.

A crafted rare weapon with base crit is easier to scale to 100% crit chance, but the Sunforged Hammer probably will result in more damage if you have a high-investment character already.

Yes indeed. 9 + 5 equals 14. I need how many% according to their calculation to have my 100%

I believe I am not trying to equip item …

You need ~614% increased critical strike chance to reach 100% crit chance

What an investment, I could never do a critical hit or at least with forge strike. So there is just one problem.

As you must have told me on the subject, you just don’t have to play forge strike but the other spell that hits 100% that’s all. There is just no choice.

That’s what I’m saying, it’s impossible …

That is simply not true.

Also keep in mind, you do not need to reach 100% crit chance to make critical strikes worthwhile.

I do play alot of builds with ~60-80% crit chance and it still feels great and is very powerful.

Its I admit, I said earlier, beyond 50% it is worth it.

But hey, its still extremely expensive to pay.

Realize, the attack speed of forge strike, with 50% crit chance … Clearly as much playing Rive, its tightened 1000 times more effectively in fact.
I’m just comparing the investment you made to get X damage / second.

Like, you invest a lot for in the end little result compared to something else. Which proves that forge strike in main attack is not profitable. For less investment you will do a lot more damage with other spells.

Sorry but it seems like this is not leading anywhere anymore i am out now after this last post.

I say it one last time: crit is the best way to scale hit based builds IMO.
It does require alot of investment, but in the end it’s the best way for pure dmg.

I highly suggest you try to play a bit more with critical strike scaling and tell me again if it’s worth or not.

With certain fate, yes. Of course, I play Rive VK with 100% critical chance, plus 600% void damage and 300% physical + some% melee. At 300% critical damage, yes clearly it’s worth it. And I am not invested as much to do monstrous damage.

That according to the calculates will absolutely never make Forge strike. The reason for the many FG subjects to say that it is clearly not very strong at the moment. I thought he was wrong, but in fact maybe not, I just didn’t see the colosal investment it takes for it to be effective.