Create account from within the game failed

So I just got the game, launched, waited a long time for entering eterra.
Then created an account, but that failed.

So I went to the website to create an account. Got an account, but it’s not linked to my Steam account. So now I can’t login to the game?

Why is this a thing in 2022? :frowning:

Yeah, just bought it on the Steam summer sale and having the exact same problem. In-game creation fails every time, and browser creation won’t link to the steam purchase.

Dunno if support linked my account, or what happened, but suddenly I got to login. Just 5 minutes before bed time :wink:

Hey @ElizabethEK @Acherrum, Welcome to the forum…

Sometimes Steam can take a while to update to the EHG servers on the back end… Usually its immediate, but occasionally there will be an odd delay that just requires waiting a little while. If you purchase directly from EHG then this doesnt happen so its likely just something with the early access back end via Steam.

If you want to link you Steam account after the fact you can login to your EHG account:

Keep trying, if its still not working after more than an hour or so, then Submit a request – Last Epoch Support directly to support.

ps. I dont work for EHG, just helping out.

Hello There! We are aware of some intermittent communication issues currently between steam and our system, and are working to resolve them.

If you’re getting an LE-24 issue, please submit a support ticket here: including a copy of proof of purchase.

If you’re getting an LE-13 issue, please create an account on and link your Steam Account in your account profile.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue while we work to get it resolved, and are closely monitoring support tickets to resolve as quickly as we can.

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