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Crashing when going from one area to another

hey guys
I’ve been crashing randomly when going between zones and sometimes randomly just standing still,
I’ve lowered the fps to 70 which seemed to help slightly ( prolong the time between)
but still crashing
if anyone can give a few ideas that’d be great
Player.log (58.4 KB)
error.log (83.9 KB)

Hey, Welcome to the forums…

What you are describing is typically an indicator of the performance related instability in the game right now… Remember its a beta and has known performance issues so the game will not perform as well as if it were a fully completed/optimised/released game on your hardware. Crashing on using portals etc is usually a sure sign of the performance issues because that is the moment when the game unloads the old maps/textures and loads the new one and is when the CPU/GPU interact the most (oversimplification obviously).

Based on your comment about reducing the framerate limit, I am betting that you are trying to run on higher settings and perhaps even higher resolutions too… maybe even using Ultra quality? Your 6700XT is roughly as fast as a 3060-Ti and I would not recommend Ultra quality on that level of GPU right now… especially if you also run higher than 1080p or enable special features like shadows/reflections/aa on max etc…

Looking at the error log system summary, it shows 3440x1440 resolution at 144hz and I wouldnt recommend more than Medium quality with most special features disabled - personally I would even go lower to ensure stability/performance rather than eye-candy at that resolution… Imho there is also no chance the game will manage 144fps (to match the Hz) without the wheels coming off like you are already experiencing - thats why your reducing it to 70fps has helped, but its obviously not enough.

The player.log confirms my suspicions, with debug errors around struggling to create the grass/vegetation features as well as typical navmesh errors that usually happen when the GPU cannot handle some aspect of the graphics of a particular map at whatever settings/resolution is being asked of it.

Based on the information you have provided I am pretty sure that the solution to your problem is to be more conservative with your in-game graphic settings and try and find an acceptable compromise between stability/performance and eye-candy until the devs have had a chance to deal with the performance issues.

(ps. they have recently committed to performance improvements in the latest dev update so we should start to see the results of that in the next patch due september ish).

Hmm ok,
thanks very much I’ll give it a go!

good luck… just whatever quality/resolution you settle on… be sure to use the FPS limit to prevent the GPU from maxing out… LE has an issue where it will max out a GPU without a framerate limit (or one thats too high as to be useless) and when this happens for too long, the game tends to crash… Simplest way I have found is to make sure that your GPU usage is in the 60% range while standing in town doing nothing by limiting the fps… that usually leaves enough headroom for the GPU to boost in busy moments without causing instability…

but its all very dependant on your setup so there is no hard rule…