Crashing on exit/data not saving

DxDiag.txt (111.1 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (482 Bytes)

Playing on full offline mode, and my faction progress/stash wont save anything. If I throw items on the ground and close the game, the next time I open the game my stash is reset to before I’ve edited it. Even more frustrating is that when I close the game my faction rank is reset to 1 with 0 favor. Character progression seems to save as well as progression in monolith/story however. I’ve noticed that the game just becomes unresponsive when I hit leave game and I have to manually close the application and when I try to close to desktop it does the same as well half the time. I’ve reset my entire computer, fresh installed game, deleted graphics.ini, verified game files, and turned off steam cloud saves with nothing seeming to work.

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