Crashing multiple times and black screens

I run dual monitors and if i have any video playing on my 2nd monitor my Last Epoch will crash.


I have had black screened areas where everything is just black and i can still play my character. Like my UI shows but the entire area is just pitch black.

My game will just crash back to my desktop multiple times.

I’ll get a loading screen locked up and i can still hear my character/control my character in the background but all i see is the loading screen.

I’ll get a normal area and play the game, then when i switch areas and get a loading screen, that loading screen will lock up.

I have never played a game with this many issues in terms of crashing and the game locking up and i have no clue what i can do to play without fear of a crash or a loading screen locking up. I have verified my game files 5 times, reinstalled/updated GeForce drivers. This is becoming a huge hinderance to my gaming experience.

Any help here?

Hi, Welcome to the forums…

Please can you include the following files:

  1. Player.log - games debug file - right after a crash as the file is overwritten
  2. le_graphicsmanager.ini - game settings file
  3. output of a dxdiag report - snapshot of your hardware, drivers and OS version

Useful files - Last Epoch Support Hub

These files will give more of a specific indication of what is going on.

Re your comments:

LE is in Beta and is generally unoptimised at the moment so even if you have capable hardware, it is recommended that you be conservative with the settings in favour of stability… Once the devs commit to dealing with performance (right now they are dealing with content) then this should be less of an issue… Remember its less about the hardware and more about the status of the game right now and how it uses the hardware.

The crashing you describe by playing a video on your second monitor is a known performance related result where the games settings dont leave any GPU resource for any other application and the game will crash when it tries to load more because something else is using the GPU.

The black screen issue has happened to a few people but its cause & solution seem to be fairly different and dependant on the player setup. It can be anything from corrupted game files, problem GPU drivers/versions and even trying to play the game at settings that the hardware cannot handle or using different Window modes.

If you include the files above, then I can make some recommendations as to what to try to improve the stability.

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